New Porsche 911 Identity Video

I love these collage type videos that Porsche puts together. The footage of old cars, development views, and driving through remote locations, all brought together for three minutes of dream fueling. I couldn’t help but wonder what Porsche will look like in another 50 years. Will the Porsche 911 still be around, or will it […]

New Porsche 911 Driven Video

As to be expected from a Porsche produced video, this one contains some gorgeous footage of the Porsche 911 in action. There’s even some appearances from older 911s. Love the driving footage and some interesting commentary. And who doesn’t love this guy’s accent?!

Some Great Porsches Show Up At A Rally In Europe

Some very cool cars show up at this rally in Europe. I’m not sure where. Both of the featured cars, the Porsche 911 Sport Edition and the Porsche 911 Speedster, are unbelievable cars. Glad to see their owners are out enjoying them!

Merry Christmas!!!

Hopefully your Porsche is not “on ice” this winter. Merry Christmas to all the Porsche fans out there!!!

New Porsche 911 Hits The 300 km/h Mark

I must be a pretty simple man. I sat mesmerized by this video all the way thru. Sure it’s only 90 seconds long, but there’s not a lot of action. Still didn’t keep me from watching it a couple of times.

The Porsche Chase Video

These guys make driving look so effortless. This was shot at the Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV last month. Great footage and sounds from these cars.

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche green lights the Porsche Cajun – Looks like we’ll be seeing a new addition to the Porsche family in 2013. A baby brother to the Porsche Cayenne, the Porsche Cajun will start hitting the streets as a 2014 model. Porsche has already broken ground on an expansion to its Leipzig facility to house operations […]

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Good interview with Jerry Seinfeld – A few weeks ago, 9 Magazine published an interview of Jerry Seinfeld that appeared in a German paper. I’ve long been a Seinfeld fan, and he’s arguably one of the most famous collectors of Porsche cars alive today. The interview is definitely worth a read and I particularly like […]

Porsche Interior Design Video

This is a great video showing some detailed shots of the new Porsche 911 interior, along with a short interview of the lead designer of the interior for the car. I wasn’t sure about the Panamera carryover inside the car, but after seeing the video, I’m starting to swing towards really liking it. I think […]

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche will continue to offer manual transmission option – Porsche quelled the fears of many a purist this week. Company CEO Matthias Muller confirmed a manual transmission will continue to be available on the Porsche 911 for as long as there is demand. This makes sense since they did just develop a new seven speed […]