Weekly Porsche Wrap

Good interview with Jerry Seinfeld – A few weeks ago, 9 Magazine published an interview of Jerry Seinfeld that appeared in a German paper. I’ve long been a Seinfeld fan, and he’s arguably one of the most famous collectors of Porsche cars alive today. The interview is definitely worth a read and I particularly like his comments about why he drives and loves Porsches. Check out the interview at 9 Magazine’s site here: Jerry Seinfeld Shares His Porsche Passion in an Interview with Welt am Sonntag.

I’m loving the Porsche 550 Spyder rumors and renderings! – At least a couple of times a month, a new rendering or rumor pops up about Porsche releasing a modern day take on the infamous Porsche Spyder. This time around it’s CAR Magazine saying we’ll see a Porsche 550 by 2015. They even have some artist renderings included with the post. I love seeing stuff like this and dreaming about what Porsche’s future models will be. Jump over and take a look at the renderings on the site. There’s a couple of interesting ones there. [via CarMagazine.co.uk]

Impossibly gorgeous collection of cars – A UK site, Mail Online, recently pulled together pictures from a high end book called The Impossible Collection of Cars. Included was the Porsche 356 Prototype right at the top. There’s a great picture of the car along with a short little description. The page has 13 amazing cars on it, including a particularly riveting Bentley Mark VI Franay Drophead Coupe. The cars on the page remind me of the Allure of the Automobile exhibit that left Portland last month. Any car fanatic should check the page out. You’ll scroll through it several times…guaranteed. [via DailyMail.co.uk]

Porsche’s design impacts more than just the automotive landscape – With the passing of Steve Jobs the week before last, all sorts of factoids and stories have been written in countless articles, posts and the like about the man. He was certainly one of the most influential people on technology the world has seen in the past 20 years, perhaps even the past century, but that could just be my fascination with Apple speaking through. One of the more interesting things I read in several places was the influence the Porsche 928 had on the first Macintosh computer Steve Jobs designed for Apple. Jobs was quoted as saying at one point during a late night discussion in March 1981, “It should be more like a Porsche!” Apple and Porsche are two brands I’ve grown to love over the course of my life. Of course I’ve long been a fan of the Porsche 928 (much to the chagrin of my wife and kids who still maintain it looks like an expensive Gremlin). They must have gotten it right because the first Mac released in February 1982 was a game changer for the world of computers. [via TopSpeed.com]

Porsche putting it’s German castle on the market – Say what?! Yep, Porsche owned a castle in Germany, near the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria (one of my favorite castles we visited while living in Germany). Porsche bought the Schloss Bullachberg in 2006 for about $8 million, hoping to turn it into a luxury hotel. The renovation work never got underway. I haven’t seen what it listed the castle for. Wonder how long something like THAT will be on the market before moving? [via MyFoxPhilly.com]

The world may see a Porsche Pajun in 2016 – Okay, I’m REALLY not for the name Porsche Pajun. I’m hoping that’s just a clever attempt at gaining some notoriety by an automobile magazine wanting their nickname to catch on. According to Car Magazine, who seems to be breaking all the news on new Porsche models these days, a baby brother to the Porsche Panamera is in the works and may make an appearance as soon as 2016. The site is reporting similarities to the current production Panamera may not be as close as one would expect. Possibly even a sedan look entering the picture. A smaller version of Porsche’s sedan-type model seems like a natural extension of the line, although I was hoping for a 928 GT type layout rather than a smaller sedan-ish style. [via AutomobileMag.com]