Tempting Porsches #4

1999 Ruf 911 I’ve talked a bit about how much I respect and have loved Ruf cars over the past 25 years. I never thought one would be within ownership reach both due to price and the scarcity of Ruf customized cars in general. I was surprised to find this week’s Tempting Porsche on Craigslist.com. […]

edo competition’s Porsche Cayenne GTS

I’m not sure what it is with all of the Porsche Cayenne topics coming up for me lately.  Maybe I’m destined to like the Cayenne after all.  Perhaps it’s a way to get my wife into a daily driver Porsche that she’d actually enjoy driving every day. I ran across the edo competition Porsche Cayenne […]

928 Pickup aka The Utility Porsche

Although this isn’t going to make my Ultimate Car list, this is certainly….well….interesting. I thought it was funny at the end when he talks about not being able to haul anything with it. He should have put a hot tub in the back instead of the bed of the truck. Now THAT would have been […]