Tempting Porsches #4

1999 Ruf 911
I’ve talked a bit about how much I respect and have loved Ruf cars over the past 25 years. I never thought one would be within ownership reach both due to price and the scarcity of Ruf customized cars in general.

I was surprised to find this week’s Tempting Porsche on Craigslist.com. Here’s the ad:

Very nice Purple 99 Porsche 911 Ruf edition. one owner. New crate motor from Sunset imports, less than 4300 miles on motor. All maintenance records, Top of the line Ruf series car. This car is unique, 996 body is a very hard to find model. Over 40,000$ in receipts.

I called and talked to the dealer and I don’t know how much of this is true, but it makes for great info nonetheless. The dealer claims the current owner bought the car new and immediately had it customized with Ruf components including drive train, transmission and other components. Said the owner went so far as to trailer the car to the dealership any time it needed service (which I find a bit hard to believe).

The current motor was dropped into the car just over 4000 miles ago and was supposedly a brand new motor sent from the Porsche factory. Sunset is an authorized Porsche dealer, so it should have been done right. The dealer mentioned the owner did this so potential buyers wouldn’t think the car had been used for racing and thus abused. That didn’t quite seem right. Personally, if I were buying a Ruf customized car, I’d want the full monty. Maybe that’s just me.

Can be yours for just $40,000…probably even less!

Techart Turbo S on 1982 911 SC Platform
This tempting buy is a bit out of the ordinary. It’s a Techart Turbo S kit built on a 1982 911 SC platform. Among a “few” other things, it has what appears to be a $10,000+ Alpine stereo installed by Car Toys. Here are some highlights from the ad:

It has a built limited slip 5 speed tranny, Sach’s HD Power Clutch, Lightened flywheel, Aluminum Pressure plate, Short shift kit, Smart Racing Products Wevo Shifter, 2002 Leather air bag steering wheel, Sparco Torino Seats, Sparco 4 point harness seat belts, Brae Krause Harness bar and strut bar, Carbon fiber dash, Carbon fiber door sills, Techart Silver faced gauges

Techart bumper, Techart side skirts, Techart pedals, Techart dead pedal, Techart shifter, Techart E-Brake, Billstein HD/ Sport Suspension, Lowered, Poly bushings, 22MM Billstein sway bars, 4 corner balanced, Aligned, Optima Red topped Battery, Phoenix Gold terminals, Turbo S fog lamps and brake ducts, SSI headers, Montey Free Flow Stainless steel exhaust, Porsche Motor Sound exhaust tips, MSD Ignition, Clewett Plug Wires, Cams, Big bore throttle body, Fabspeed intake…

Quite a list, and that’s not even all of it! I have no idea what 90% of that stuff is. Sounds very impressive though. If everything had been done professionally (conversion and upgrades built by Jeff Gamroth of Rothsport Racing and Jerry Woods Enterprises; stereo by Car Toys), this would probably be a pretty fun car to drive and possibly keep for a while.

It’s always amazing to me how much money people can put into a car (over $65k invested in this one, not including the car), then only see a fraction of it come back out of the car when they go to sell it a short time later. I’m not sure anyone got $45k or $50k worth of fun out that car once it was done.  Your price for that much fun today? Just $24,000.


  1. Like booth of them but would have to say silver would be the color for me!

  2. That silver Porsche is hot

  3. Both of those are phenonmenal cars! I’m extremely shocked at the bang for the buck on the silver one (or atleast so it seems with ALL those specs and after market product). That car spells
    T-R-O-U-B-L-E for me, no doubt.

  4. The purple RUFworks for me! something about a dark color that makes any high end car particularly sinister!

  5. John Kraichely says

    The silver Techart seems to be a great deal for all the extras. It is an awsome looking machine!

  6. There was a whole lot that the guy selling the Ruf car told you that strikes me as extremely fishy. Personally, I’d steer clear of that one.

  7. Didn’t that second one come up again? I think I remember seeing that one somewhere else…

  8. I’ve always been a fan of RUF, all their cars are phenomenal, but I would be a bit skeptical of with a dealer claiming all that they did. Though I’m not as enthusiastic about Techart, they’re still a great company, and in this case id pick it over the RUF.

  9. I do like that Silver one. That would be a fun one to drive. Pretty nasty looking.

  10. The Silver one would be my selection

  11. Some day this will be mine

  12. I would prefer an original ’83 sc over the silver refurbished car.
    Not to take anything away from it but I’d be a bit leery.

  13. Love the tail!

  14. that purple one smells of bullcrap.

  15. tuner cars never get money invested in them back.

  16. The 1999 has $40,000 in receipts???? I believe I would stay clear of this one.

  17. ahh the old turbos….i dont care what they did to them…..a porsche is a porsche

  18. Did you purchase either one? If so, which one?

  19. $24,000 sounds like a great deal.it’s not a car your going to see very often.

  20. mitchell says

    i like the silver ’82 best.

  21. I wish there was some follow-up to see which was purchased.

  22. It is amazing how much it can take to restore one.

  23. Phil Schneider says

    search search search research research research
    your beautiful Porsche baby is out there

  24. I have a friend who has purchased 2 Mercedes from Ebay. I’ll have to look on Ebay to see if any Porsche’s are being sold.

  25. Just checked …. there were a little over 1,000 (various models), being sold on Ebay, right now.

  26. Robert McGill says

    The silver car is extremely good looking!

  27. The silver is good looking, but I wonder if the color will fad/oxidize in the sun?

  28. wondering same thing as stepen.would be curious to see which ones sold and for how much.

  29. seems like both are good deals.good luck!

  30. Galen Wood says

    I wouldn’t mind either of those, but I like the Techart better.

  31. tracy davis says

    That silver Porsche is hot

  32. Kristina Brown says

    $65k is pocket change for some people, not most of us though. $24K for that 911, well now you’re talking. Have the pros look at it before buying though.

  33. tracy davis says

    The silver Techart seems to be a great deal for all the extras. It is an awsome looking machine

  34. I choose silver as my choice.