edo competition’s Porsche Cayenne GTS

I’m not sure what it is with all of the Porsche Cayenne topics coming up for me lately.  Maybe I’m destined to like the Cayenne after all.  Perhaps it’s a way to get my wife into a daily driver Porsche that she’d actually enjoy driving every day.

I ran across the edo competition Porsche Cayenne GTS this morning.  This is one Cayenne I would enjoy driving.  I love the styling.  The aerodynamics package along with the lowered stance take away some of the characteristics I really don’t like about the stock Cayenne.  Course they also reduce the utility of this car being an SUV.

Here are some highlights from edo compeition’s web site along with the above photo:

  • Power increase to 450 hp and 530 Nm (391 ft-lb)
  • Attractive aerodynamics package featuring sporty styling
  • 22-inch light alloy wheels with custom-painted centers
  • High performance braking system
  • Sport suspension

If I had to drive a Cayenne, this is one I would definitely consider owning.


  1. you are destined to like the cayenne =)

  2. There is something about the Cayenne… I haven’t been able to figure out what it is… but there is just something about it that I can’t stand. I don’t think I will ever like it until there is a redesign. I wish I could put my thumb on it, but I just cannot for the life of me figure out what I hate about it.

  3. I think it is just the Porsche name on an SUV that people are not used to. All of us Porsche lovers know and love the sporty little 924’s and 928’s or love the performance of the 911. Once you ride in a Cayenne you will like it though. It doesn’t ride like an SUV, it has a stiff suspension and corners excellent. Nice power when you step on it too. Try one and you just might like it.


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