Colorful Porsche 911 Turbo Pictures

While my wife and I were in Hood River, Oregon this summer, celebrating our anniversary, we came across an amazing group of Porsches. Unfortunately we didn’t have a better camera with us, but we snapped some quick pictures of this group two different times.

All 4 of these 911 Turbos were parked outside the Columbia Gorge Hotel, a historic hotel with gorgeous grounds. We were staying just next door in the amazing Columbia Cliff Villas Resort (if you ever have the chance to stay in one of these with a river view, don’t hesitate to do it), but walked over to see the hotel and grounds.

Here are pictures from the first time we saw them:

porsche 911 turbo group rear

porsche 911 turbo group front

The next day, we were in downtown and came across the same group parked on the street.

porsche 911 turbo group

This is my favorite picture from the bunch we took. I absolutely love the color, the wheels (sorry those of you who don’t like the black rims) and of course the fact that it’s a 911 TURBO!

porsche 911 turbo orange

I want to be part of this group some day.


  1. Fantastic! Makes a pleasant change from the usual dull shades of modern cars. I’ve love an orange 911 but my wife would divorce me if I got one! 😉


    Phil Raby

  2. Nice pictures, what a group

  3. I think my favorite is the green but they all look DELICIOUS!

  4. What a beautiful scenery! I definitely love that orange with black rims, definitely my favorite!!!!

    Till then,


  5. I drove a 1997 Porsche 911 Cabriolet Midnight Blue Pearl for this historic Mille Miglia Oregon Porsche Club event. We started at the Columbia Gorge Hotel and traveled back roads in Washington mostly to Spiral Highway outside of Lewiston, Idaho and back to Seattle over five days. Fantastic trip. I had just bought my 993 only a year earlier. There were over 50 Porsches, two older Jaguars, one Ferrari, a Cadillac and one Audi 8. This was the largest and most luxurious trip ever for this club. Many of us had never stayed at the level of hotels this event offered for discounted rates. A sports car parade through every town we visited.

    • @Gary – That sounds like an amazing trip. If you have any pictures you’d like to share, I’d love to see them and post them on the blog.

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