Tempting Porsches #31

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 6 months since I did a Tempting Porsches post. It’s certainly not for a lack of desirable cars out there.

Today’s Tempting Porsche is a little different. This is definitely a dream car on my list to own some day. It’s a 1987 Porsche 911 Turbo (930) Slantnose. It’s black with black interior. Classic 80’s gold BBS spoke wheels. Reminds me of the car on the cover of Automobile Magazine I posted about almost 2 years ago (Memory Lane: Porsche Magazine Covers #2).

There’s a couple of things that make this car extra special and desirable. First, it’s a factory slantnose. It’s got option 505 which was a $23k option back in the day. Second, this car has ONLY 6k miles on it. Both of those together make for one heck of a car that is destined for someone’s collection.

Here are some details from the auction page:

This is a breath taking original 1987 Porsche 911 930 Turbo Slant Nose 6k mile survivor car that was purchased brand new in Tampa Florida at Reeves Import Motorcars on 8-13-1987 and it was sold directly by the management! On the Original Buyers Order it shows the salesman as “house”, I would imagine that because of how exotic and rare the car is that the higher ups at the Dealership wanted full control over how well the buyer was treated! The car was owned for a short amount of time in Las Vegas and then it was sold to the owners friend who lived back in Florida. We know the ownership history of the car very well, which is why we have the car, and this car has never been involved in an accident. The car has not been tracked or raced, it has been a hanger queen since day one and has never seen a day of bad weather. On an avg. scale of 44-70 for related cars of this year/make/model 1987 Porsche Turbo cars, this amazing car has an astronomical score of 82 on its AutoCheck Vehicle History Report. WOW, off the charts!

Even though we have confirmation from the prior owners that no damage was ever done to the car we carefully inspected the paint for its originality and integrity. To our delight the car appears to have original paint and it shows no signs of ever being repainted. In fact, for a 1987, this car shows stunningly well. After all, it does have 6k miles and once you feast your eyes on it you will be in agreement with us 100%. The paint, trim, glass, lights, wheels etc will appease the most meticulous buyer / collector. This car was not only garage kept but also under a cover of which we will be passing on to the next lucky owner. The only flaw worth mentioning and I realize this is minuscule, but the window tint shows its age a little bit. Obviously this could be very easily replaced. We believe that the tint is original to when the car was purchased so we will leave it as is. The underneath side of the car is free of any damage and it’s obvious that not even a bolt was turned, with exception to the motor for servicing obviously. Quite simply, this car belongs in a museum.

Inside the car you’ll immediately notice how well preserved it has been kept. In fact, Porsche seat covers were installed since day one, so good luck finding your typical wear and tear on these seats, it doesn’t exist! There was also a steering wheel cover installed so you won’t find any wear on it either. Both seat covers and steering wheel cover will be included with sale. The car was never smoked in and has no foul smells, there isn’t any reason for there to be. Again, with 6k original miles, this car will show extremely well and prove its pedigree inside and out!

The car is absolutely gorgeous from the pictures on the auction page. It’s currently at $16,500. The reserve hasn’t been met yet and I would expect it goes for above $50k…easily. Heck, maybe even more.

You should check out the pictures. There’s a ton of them and you just don’t see cars like this come up very often. Here’s a link to the auction page: Porsche 911 Turbo Slantnose.


  1. That is a beautiful car and one of my ultimate dreams also. Love the 930 slantnose.