Porsche Carrera GT…Problem

Alan, one of our PorschePerfect.com readers, sent me this image of a Porsche Carrera GT in a bit of a pickle. How much would this SUCK?!

Would love to know who took this one.

[Image: Barry H – Deerfield Beach, FL]


  1. how do you explain that one to your dad….

  2. That would really suck. How do you explain that to anyone, not just your dad. In high school my friend got their beetle stuck in large ditch but the beetle had no power.

  3. Uhh… a lot!

    Good one James.

  4. That would really suck.

  5. Maybe Brad could get a good deal on it after they drag it out.

  6. Ouch, although I’d guess it wasn’t too badly damaged. What damage there was, was probably expensive to fix though! 😉

  7. James O….. If they took 100k off, i would still be begging to get the funds lol

  8. I took this photo in 2004. It was right after a terrible flash rainstorm. I drove home to get my camera and I was lucky that they still hadn’t figured how to get it out of the ditch by the time I got back. IIRC, the Porsche tech was taking out for a pre-delivery test run when it happened (it was only about 2 miles from the dealership).

  9. It could have been 2005, can’t remember for sure.

  10. @Ryan, yeah, I only wished I knew about watermarking back then. It was published by a magazine a few months later and I never got any credit for it.

    • Dang Barry. Let’s get you some credit on this picture. Let me know what you want shown for credit and I’ll update the post.

  11. Hey Ryan. That’s really nice of you. If you want, just credit it to Barry H in Deerfield Beach, FL (or something like that).