Low Mileage Porsches: Friend or Foe?

I bookmarked an article on PorschePurist.com a couple of months ago that I just went back and re-read today. Since actively looking for an older 911 Turbo (I’d really like to find a 1978 or 1979 930), I’ve come across a few cars that qualify for “time capsule” status. Super low mileage and all original. It’s renewed a question that has loomed in my mind for years about low mileage Porsches.

I’m personally of the opinion, like John over at PorschePurist.com, that cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed. I’m not a fan of Garage Queens or Trailer Queens that rarely have their engines fired up for fear that something will get dirty or that a few extra miles will impact the value of the car. I suppose in a lot of ways I just think it’s wrong.

That said, I fully recognize there are some cars that you just CAN’T drive. A low mileage Speedster (early or late models). The 1973 911T I posted earlier this week (Showroom Fresh 1973 Porsche 911T). Pretty much any Porsche older than 7 or 8 years with 1,000 miles or less on the odo. Also some cars are so rare, you just can’t risk them being out in the wild.

I also know there are some people, typically collectors with more money and cars than time, who take great pride in being the caretakers of some of the finest examples of the autos we love. Sure the Porsche world needs these people as well. I’m just not one of them and suppose the chances are slim I’ll have that kind of money or accompanying desire to be a Porsche curator.

There is this weird in between category that is a bit perplexing for me though. An example is a car the manager of a local exotic car dealership was telling me about. A few years ago he happened into a 1979 Porsche 930. It was a gorgeous car and a blast to drive. The problem is it only had about 10k miles on it. He ended up selling it because he really couldn’t justify putting the miles on it that he wanted to.

All of the potential mechanical issues aside from a car not being driven, what do you do in a situation like that? How much mileage is enough on what age of car to be acceptable driving and enjoying it? Could you be the one to take a 30 year old car from 10k miles to 100k miles? I don’t know that I could.

I know we have a broad range of readers here with differing views. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks about this. Also, make sure you check out the article on PorschePurist.com: Super Low Mileage Porsches. It’s worth the read as well as the comments from others.

Also, check out these couple of sites that have lots of high quality cars and a large number of low mileage Porsches:


TruSpeed Motor Cars


  1. first off ryan, you know i’ve been reading this blog a long time. i think this in my opinion is the best post you’ve written.

  2. to answer your questions…

    if one is buying a porsche with low miles and plans to sell it in the future i can understand not wanting to put miles on it. but if you’re buying the car and going to keep it who cares if you put 100k miles on it.

  3. I agree with you Ryan, if a car has extremely low mileage then it is cool to keep low miles on it. But, otherwise go ahead and drive them. Also, if there are people that can afford to have multiple show quality cars, that is cool too.

  4. Ultra rare is a not a driver any longer, Its just to collect. But low miles can stay low miles and be driven. You drive it in the summer, You never let it see rain, No drives when its too hot or too cold and its not daily transportation…That would probably add up to 1,000 mi a year. It gets the “meant to be driven” exercise it needs, and it never really racks `em up either! No driving just to keep miles ultra low? Nahhhh no worries with those guidelines 🙂

  5. Find me another 911t worth $175000 thats what 37 years and 600 miles buys you. imagine if this was a 73 RS, Porsche would be calling every day to get it back. The rare it is the harder it gets to put miles on it. Imagine in 30 years what a Boxster GSGT with 1000 miles on it would fetch

  6. James O: A factory made ” Boxster GSGT” with a under a 1000 miles 30 years from now?..Museum piece!! ….A “homemade” version as per my specs?…a thrasher!! The more miles the better and hard ones at that! lol