Armor-Plated Porsche Panamera Turbo

Needing to scratch the “James Bond” itch? Or do you regularly fear for your life? Maybe your conspiracy theories have taken over your sanity and you’ve turned into the next Jerry Fletcher. No need to let little things like that keep you from enjoying Porsche’s new Panamera Turbo. An armor-plated version of the Porsche Panamera Turbo has popped up for sale on the uber luxury site It’s listed for 295,000 Euros (about $440,000) by JS Armoured Cars in Frankfurt, Germany.

How much protection does $440k buy you? This Panamera Turbo has an armoured B4 rating meaning it can stop things like an M16, 9mm or .44 Magnum fired at point blank range. Even the floor and roof are reinforced with 3mm ballistics steel to stop grenade attacks or landmines. Of course you also have features like armored fuel tank, protected radiator and battery, bullet proof glass and run flat tires. All while supposedly maintaining the performance of the car (or most of it at least).

If you’re planning to attain shiek status in the near future, you may want to pick this bad boy up. Check it out at


  1. Yeah, maybe if I lived in a dangerous country.

  2. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen lar snooping around my street — maybe it’s time for me to make the investment. 🙂