Archives for November 8, 2009

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Worthwhile web entries to check out: Jackass Projects: Porsche 944 S2, Part One @ – I have to admit, I can completely identify with how this project got started. I’ve long felt like I’m careening on the edge of disaster with some of these Tempting Porsches I’ve run across. Porsche Motorsport Terminology 101: Part […]

Next “Would You Rather” Poll

We just wrapped up last week’s poll. Here are the results: Would You Rather…Have a Porsche 959 or 2010 Porsche 911 4S? Porsche 959: 41% (7) 2010 Porsche 911 4S: 59% (10) Total Votes: 17 This one surprised me a bit. I expected the 959 to have a bit more support. Course even I don’t […]