Weekly Porsche Wrap

Worthwhile web entries to check out:

  • Jackass Projects: Porsche 944 S2, Part One @ Toolmonger.com – I have to admit, I can completely identify with how this project got started. I’ve long felt like I’m careening on the edge of disaster with some of these Tempting Porsches I’ve run across.
  • Porsche Motorsport Terminology 101: Part 1 @ PorschePurist.com – I’m not a big racing guy. For all my love of cars, speed and “race cars” you can drive on the street, racing just seems a bit boring to me. Maybe it’s due to my not understanding the ins and outs of the sport though. Check out the first part of a series that will help you enjoy race day even more.
  • 996 engine failure. Should you be worried? @ Total911.com – Having owned a 996, I always had this worry in the back of my mind. I thought this article was an interesting summary of what happens, why, and how often.

Seven new Porsche models coming out – You’ve probably seen or heard about most, if not all, of these, but when you add them up, it amounts to a significant amount of change at Porsche. Here’s what the reported seven are to be:

  1. All-new Cayenne SUV coming 2010 – Styling updates and engine enhancements
  2. V6 versions of the Panamera coming 2010 – Supposedly new V6 gas and diesel versions of the just released car
  3. Hybrid Panamera for 2011 – Based on the Cayenne Hybrid
  4. Cayenne Hybrid coming 2011
  5. New 911 coming the summer of 2012 – Still a 911, but nearly every body panel will be new along with a new suspension
  6. Roxster coming in 2012/2013 – A smaller version of the Cayenne SUV
  7. Convertible and Coupe versions of the Panamera coming in 2013 – To compete with the Bentley Continental GT and the Maserati GranTurismo

That doesn’t even include the rumored entry level Porsche nor the Boxster Spyder. A whole loootttaa change at Porsche. [Via Automoblog.net]

Porsche Panamera selling well & overall sales are up 15% in October – People are loving the Porsche Panamera. Porsche already has 983 “firm orders” for the car. Only 1,000 cars are expected to sell this year in the U.S. with an additional 200 produced, but held as demonstrator cars. Also, Porsche Cars North America is reporting increased sales for October. 1,642 vehicles were sold in the U.S. in October representing a 15% increase in sales. You gotta love increased sales, especially given the current auto market conditions. [Via Motorauthority.com & WSJ.com]

Another DIY Porsche hybrid – This time a 1976 912 was used. The car uses 85 3.3v lithium ion batteries to power the NetGain Warp11 DC motor. I have to say, this is one niiiice looking 912 EV. I added a picture to the right. [Via Blog.Cardomain.com]

Porsche Panamera awarded the Golden Steering Wheel award – Didn’t even know there was such an award in existence. I’m guessing this is just the beginning of a lot of awards the Panamera will receive. [Via Autonewscast.com]


  1. The engine failure article is a must read for anyone considering buying a a car. I cant say it enough times never buy a car without an inspection. most dealers will do a pre purchase inspection for a small fee. Porsche’s can get very expensive to fix very fast. Ryan, I think that articles like this deserve their own tag. The 944s2 article is a good example.

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