Proof Porsche Is The Best

When you do something right, and I mean REALLY right, people are going to copy you. That’s true in just about every area of life from handheld technology like the iPhone to Internet affiliate marketing. I think it’s our instant gratification and desire to do as little work as possible for the most possible return (I swear, one of these days I’m going to get going!) that fuels this copycat mentality. On the other side of it, if someone has done something well, why reinvent the wheel. Ahhh, one of life’s little quandries.

Lyndon, one our readers, sent me a link to the following picture of the gauge cluster in the Zenvo ST1 supercar:

Image from

Look at all familiar to you? If not, take a look at this picture from a Porsche 911 996:

Looks darn near exactly the same to me with the exception of the styling of the graphics on the gauge faces and the color of the lights used for warnings. Guess when you have a good thing, even the supercar folks want to copy it!

I do like the Heads Up Display used for the tach on the Zenvo ST1. Now THAT would be a cool thing for Porsche to return the favor and copy for it’s 911 series!


  1. Interesting! How many of these Zenovos have been produced ?. I wonder if they sourced the gauge cluster from Porsche ? Actually common practice for specialty car manufacturers to source parts/sub-assemblies and components from a variety of manufacturers to assemble their own car…Particularly when its a low production quantity where cost to engineer their own would put the price tag of a completed car too high.

  2. Think 997 for the Porsche cluster.
    Air vents on Zenvo are ugly, to be kind,

  3. I think brad is right. the actual gauges look the same not just the style.

  4. Yep. Those instrument clusters look identical. Pretty typical when you have something good, someone is going to try and copy you.