We’ve got less than 3 days left until we hit a REDRAW scenario for our Porsche Perfect, Perfect Porsche Giveaway. To build a little excitement for the redraw event next week (assuming we don’t hear from Daniel at the last minute), I thought I’d throw up a motivating video. I’ll warn you up front, though, after watching it you’re going to wish you had the last 2 minutes and 39 seconds of your life back.

I’ve also updated our Poll in the right-hand sidebar. Weigh in on what you think about Daniel and the Giveaway Porsche.

UPDATE: Alright, for everyone who hates the auto-play feature of this video (I’m pretty sure that’s everybody so far), I’ve disabled the video and linked it to the original site. To get your nerdy Final Countdown fix, you can jump over to the site to see it. It will no longer offend the sensitive ears of Porsche fans worldwide. At least not from PorschePerfect.


  1. Yeah! The final countdown of two days is here. Can’t wait for the redraw. I am so excited to win the Giveaway Porsche it is unbelievable.

  2. At least we have opening weekend of college football to pass the time

    too bad for or, terrible start last night

  3. Great, now I’m going to have that Europe song “The Final Countdown” in my head all day. Thanks for that.

  4. hey, this is some great raw footage that you found of Daniel.. the winner of the car. No wonder he hasn’t claimed it yet, he’s been to busy working on his music.

  5. WHY? lol

  6. @andrew


  7. I see what you did there

  8. @Ryan – I didn’t realize that’s what the video was (blocked at work). I thought it was another one starring Brock. Now that I’m home I’m very disappointed. That video is disturbing when he starts singing. Wrong in so many ways.

  9. Ughh… and it autoplays too. Horrible.

  10. Ok, hold on while I hit pause button above before I go any further….. Pause, pause dammit!…. ugh, ARGH!

    AAHHHH, enjoy the silence…..

    The sweet words of Depeche Mode are now a reality….

    So, I actually did see Europe in concert at the Hult Center in Eugene, Oregon (I know, I know, Eugene Oregon – the homeless capital of the free world… See Bender’s reference on Futurama, and a safe harbor for rogue sucker punching football players) and, although my ears bled from the over amplification of the sound system that night – this rendition makes me pray to dear God to please have someone, or some kind and merciful angel put one of Joshua’s trumpets to my ears and release the sweet destructive sound that helped fall Jericho’s walls to my tortured inner ear!

    Thanks for sharing the overly inspired hit from Europe and for the cruelty of Daniel’s skills!

  11. Glad the volume button was down, but still seeing it was bad enough..
    Ok video of me winning the Porsche!!

  12. I think having to watch this video on a loop should be a new form of torture.

  13. The new poll should be whether or not to post autoloading videos again. I’ll cast my vote right now for NO. Sweet mother, I hate how that has now become the official background music of PP.

    • @Andrew – You only have to hear it for one more day. An unwelcome by-product of the video we used, but a great reminder of how close we are to a new winner!

  14. now we wait for the Brock video.

    For the record, the auto-play didn’t bother me because my computers all have mute buttons….besides, I thought the whole point was that it was SUPPOSED to be annoying. I guess I like annoying stuff like that.