3 Porsche Events I’d Love to Attend

I used to go to a lot of car shows when I was a teenager and even into my early 20’s. I loved seeing all of the cars in one place. Dreaming about driving them fast on an open road.

One of my favorite auto show moments was at a show in Portland, OR. I don’t remember what kind of show it was, muscle and sports cars or something like that. I went with a buddy of mine and his wife. As we were walking around, we came across a running engine on display. The fan belt was exposed and had big signs saying DO NOT TOUCH. It was obvious that it would be really easy to get your fingers caught in the belt and they’d go pinched between the belt and corresponding mechanisms.

As we’re standing there looking at it, my buddy says, “I think I can touch the belt and pull my finger back without getting it caught.” So he tries it and it sucks his finger in an instant. It came out on the other side of the belt meeting the wheel nice and squished. Turned all shades of dark colors.

This got me to thinking about Porsche events I’d love to attend. There are some great little events that would be as enticing as some of the bigger ones just because of their local flavor and smaller collection of local cars. If you had to narrow things down to a small handful though, these are the events I think I’d have on my short list:

  1. Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance
    This is more like a week of multiple events including the fitting culmination taking place on Sunday with the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance. I’ve never been to this one, but can’t wait to attend. Some of the rarest and coolest cars still in existence are at this show. This year would be especially cool given that Porsche will be debuting the Panamera to the North American audience this year in pre-Concours activities.
  2. Frankfurt Auto Show
    I’ve been to this one and loved it. It’s simply massive. We had very limited time and only one day for the show, so we plowed through the whole thing in a day (a travesty in many ways). Some of the larger exhibits by Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari were unbelievable. This is easily a show you could spend 2 or 3 days at and have plenty to do and see. A big plus for me is it being in Germany. It just seems like this would be one of THE “Porsche” events to attend.
  3. Annual PCA Porsche Parade
    Another event that’s on the list, but that I haven’t attended as of yet. There are a lot of active members in the PCA (Porsche Club of America) representing some amazing cars. To have a lot of them come together in one place at the same time would be very cool. Also meeting other enthusiasts from around the nation who share a similar passion for Porsche cars would be an interesting experience.

Anyone going to the week in Monterey this year? What are the Porsche events that would rank high on your list?


  1. Hey maybe if we split this up PP members can make it to each of these shows.. I’ll take Pebble Beach!

  2. Cars shows! What a walk through the upscale mall is to Women..Is the effect for guys!

    Pebble beach Concours. That is one i would love to attend. I feel i would have to abandon the daily wear of jeans with holes and Jegs speed shop t shirt to attend 🙂 and get cleaned up for…Okay by me!

    The Frankfurt auto show must be something else, Porsche is on home turf now. . I hope you got pics for that one you attended Ryan, If so… share will ya? 🙂
    I dont like dont touch signs either….But i think the one on a running engine was a dare to your friend lol

  3. Is porsche slated to reveal anything new in frankfurt?

    I know bmw has a few additions to its lineup that will be on display. Wish I could see those

  4. Your buddy sounds just like me or any of my friends. It’s so funny, and I still do stuff like it, but it’s so obviously not worth it pull stunts like that. There’s no way you’d remember that story, Ryan, if it weren’t for the fact that he got his finger smashed. You wouldn’t remember the time your buddy tapped his finger on the belt and pulled it right off unscathed. That is the glory of moments like that. I love em. Thanks for sharing.

  5. And I originally thought it would be Concours D’Elegance for me for sure as my #1 pick (and I think it still is), but the other two I was not as familiar with and they both sound awesome!

  6. We have a 1938 Mercedes 540k that we restored at peble beach this year. It would have been nice to see on the lawn, oh well maybe next time. I see the clock is still ticking, why not put some miles on the 911 and head down.

  7. brother in law just got a 1969 911T.beauty.

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  9. Sort of random but there’s a friend on my facebook who attends Porsche/car events all the time. The pictures from these events are amazing. Haven’t really got a chance to hang with fellow enthusiasts so I’m envious.

  10. We won our class

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