Weekly Photo Highlight

Porsche 356 Speedster

Deanna, remember she’s the one that drove the Giveaway Porsche a month or so ago, sent this picture she snapped in Sausalito which is in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love the old Speedster next to the bay. Great shot Deanna! (she doesn’t get any entries since she’s an employee).

As for this week’s Porsche Giveaway photo highlight, here’s the BIG shot…

1982 Porsche 911SC Slantnose

This one was submitted by Andrew. I know I have “Slantnose Whore” written all over my face, so I won’t even comment on this picture. Here’s some comments from Andrew:

Not generally a big fan of slantnoses, but she’s got the Guards Red and is the same vintage as me so I made an exception and actually started to like it once I started looking at the finer details as I edited the image.  It turns out they’re not that bad after all.

He also mentioned this is taken from the public domain, so if it looks familiar, that’s why. Great job Andrew! He earned himself another 5 entries into our little Porsche Giveaway wrapping up in LESS THAN 3 weeks.


  1. Those are two great pics and great shot Deanna for catching that oldie by the bay. The red slantnose is a dream car for me too. I absolutely love that look and would buy one of those in a heartbeat.

  2. Great shot guys. T-minus three weeks until someone gets their hands on this bad boy 😀

  3. Angela J says

    Neat photos, my son is a big Porsche fan.

  4. Awesome, thanks!

    Here is the original image I used:

    For those interested in what I did:
    I punched up the saturation and sharpness a bit. Adjusted the RGB levels, and made the background B&W while keeping just the car color – so it’s not exactly what you’d find on the internet. Wanted it a bit different for PP. 🙂

  5. Phil Schneider says

    The top pic of the speedster is wonderful.
    I bet the slantnose would be a hoot to tear
    up some back road twisties with but aesthetically,
    I never really thought that they worked.
    Still, thanks for the picture.

  6. mitchell says

    if i had to choose one, it wouldnt be the antique… nice pic tho.

  7. great speedster!don’t see one that nice very often.

  8. by far deanna’s shot is my favorite out of all entrees

  9. is the yellow 356 a speedster ? isn’t it a roadster ?

  10. Great shot Deanna! I have been having a blast ‘Porsche Hunting’ the past few weeks. I am so excited about you shot here.. It is perfect!

  11. Andrews picture looks like a velvet painting. Is that Elvis in the drivers seat?

  12. the slant nose looks like it could be in that movie “Sin City”

  13. This one certainly gets my vote

  14. Nice pics! Would Love to be in the drivers seat of the Speedster in that setting! The slantnose, Count me as a fan! 🙂

  15. I love the car but I have to be honest and say I would much rather have the yacht in the background.

  16. kiley breITLING says

    Nice shot Deanna.

  17. james ostertag says

    Mels is right it’s not a speedster, great picture though

  18. are there any companies making slant nose body kits for new model porsches? ie 996 or 997??

  19. rb – my email when I submitted the photo did include a reference to “Sin City”. 🙂

    And that yacht in the background of Deanna’s shot is awesome (as is the Porsche). The yacht looks like a “miniature” version of Paul Allen’s Octopus. But it looks like it may have the helicopter pad on the back instead of on the front (although I think his does have one on the back as well).


  20. Maybe we should develop another section to this website that shows different models like the old speedster and roadster and so on. All of the different 911 models.

  21. marque911 says

    That’s not a Speedster.

  22. Oh yeah that is a roadster and not a speedster….I had a difficult time seeing from my yacht, I was a little far away 🙂

  23. Jeff & Ryan – this is incomplete, but it’s the best Porsche wiki I could find – maybe someone else will have better search results than I did:


  24. there’s also this, photos sorted by model:


  25. I did get some pictures of the yacht by itself, it was pretty amazing with a helicopter on it.

  26. Wow, I didn’t think anyone was watching when I landed my helicopter on my Yacht. 😉

    Can you post a picture of that for us?

  27. Oh nm.. I see it in the pic already.

  28. slantnose still tough looking after all these years.