Paul’s Trip – Day 18


“This is a drive by shot…noticed it at the last minute. Downtown Colorado Springs.

From the Porsche Mecca of Franklin to GA, S. Carolina, N. Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, and into Colorado…..I only saw one other Porsche sitting out in front of a repair shop named Stuttgart Motor, as we were leaving Georgia.”


  1. Wow, this trip is still going?!?!

  2. nice many days left on your road trip?

  3. What is Paul’s Porsche Stalker count up to now?

  4. mitchell says

    all we’re getting are drive by shots now – and not even of the full car? practically phoning it in, i see. lol

  5. Must be fun to be on the lookout for Porsches across the country. Keep it up.

  6. nice,clean boxster.keep the pics coming!

  7. Nice little Boxster! Great to see these pics!

  8. This is a pretty epic road trip. I’m still amazed that Franklin appears to be the undisputed king of Porschedom. If this trip eventually leads to Bel Air or Manhattan Beach and Franklin is still the clear winner, I’ll be shocked.

  9. how many porsches is this now that paul or sandy have shot??

  10. Georgia sucks.. Come on Peaches.. buy some freaking Porches.

  11. kiley breITLING says

    I want to see Paul shove the whole family in that thing and take a 2nd trip.

  12. I’m sure it’s tan, but that dash looks awfully yellow. That would make for a wild (and annoyingly reflective) interior. I just don’t understand not getting a black or gray interior.

  13. Just went to to see what color that actually was and I don’t think they offer it anymore. The closest I could find was ‘Sand Beige’ which actually looks pretty good on the computer screenshot of the interior. I’m just not a big fan of how non-black interiors hold up in Porsches over time. They tend to look outdated very early in their lives.

  14. you should catalogue these!

  15. Here here Andrew. Black and dark Grey is hot!