Weekly Photo Highlight

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

This week, we have 2 winners. The first is James who sent in the Porsche 911 GT3 RS picture. I love the run-of-the-mill setting for such an amazing car. Nice work James.

Porsche 911

The second winner is Tyler who sent in this picture of a couple of Porsches parked outside his family’s store in Salem, OR. First off, I love Jackson Jewelers. They’ve been an anchor business in the downtown Salem area for as long as I can remember (I grew up there, so it’s been a long time). Their street clock is one of those things that I think of when I think of downtown.

Second, it’s cool to see a couple of Porsches parked out front. Now if Tyler would throw on the khakis and red vest, and provide free valet parking for people driving Porsches, we’d have a nice little competition to Bridgeport’s offering. What do you say Tyler?!


  1. both are nice pics, congrats!

  2. Nice shots guys. I think it was a good call to have 2 winners this week because those are both great.

  3. GT3 is great and pretty rare.great pic!

  4. mitchell says

    i thought for sure you were going to post a red porsche, a white one, and a blue one… maybe next year, lol..

    happy 4th everyone!

  5. Excellent pics! Thats right about the GT3,Makes its own scene anywhere!…and the second pic has scenery you wouldnt think you could improve on, Until the great looking pair of Porsches showed up!

  6. great images guys. I guess I need to step up my game a bit.

  7. Loving the GT3.

  8. i drove by jackson’s that day and saw these two cars out front. i almost rear ended the car in front of me because i wasn’t paying attention

  9. Phil Schneider says

    All the cars are nice but the red GT3 is my favorite.
    Thanks for the pics.

  10. That is a beautiful GT3. I want one real bad.

  11. @ ryan. i don’t remember submitting this photo. maybe i did and am not aware of it but i don’t want to take credit for it if it was somebody else’s doing.

    • @James – Don’t worry, you aren’t taking credit for someone else’s photo. A different “James” submitted it.

  12. cool

  13. This place is overflowing with James’s.

  14. Great photo James #2… or 3.