Porsche Panamera Video

Here’s a promo video for the Panamera I ran across this last weekend. Pretty well done and feels kind of like an action movie trailer.


  1. Pretty classy looking video. That rear spoiler is pretty cool.

  2. porsche always produces nice commercials

  3. mitchell says

    the scenery and imagery and cinematography were all cool, but some of that acting was pretty cheesy. there were a couple times that guy acted so astonished and amazed with his own car. i dont see ‘that’ kind of guy acting like that. but it is a cool looking car, lol. cant wait to see some on the road.

  4. Curious to see how well this car will sell. The interior looks gorgeous. Looks like Porsche got that right.

  5. i’m surprised that in both cases when the opportunity came along the guys didn’t open the door for the ladies!! are there not any gentlemen out there anymore??

  6. I gotta say, I`m not hating the Panamera! I might not be shopping for one too soon, But i give it respect. Video is indeed well produced and that is the sexiest interior i ever seen in a sedan! Did i say sedan to describe a Porsche? 🙂

  7. after seeing the rear end of the car i’ll admit i like it a tad bit more. but not sold yet

  8. love the video.

  9. porsche commercials ARE always good.

  10. I’d rather have this than the Maserati Quad

    • @ruthless – I don’t know about that. A Maserati Quattroporte has been on my list to own in my lifetime for a few years now.

  11. I actually got to drive a Quattroporte a couple of years ago, and it’s a great car, fantastic lines, handles nice, but I think I like the Panamera better…even though I kinda sometimes think the Pan is a rip-off of the Quad