Weekly Photo Highlight

This week’s picture was submitted by Brad, earning him a whoppin 5 additional entries in our Porsche Giveaway. I liked his commentsHere’s what he had to say about the picture:

I have this great pic of a Boxster S. I have a couple reasons for submitting it. Please oblige me. To help out the Porsche perfect gallery for one. To get the Boxster some deserved recognition. Just look at this little car. To me it’s gorgeous and although its Porsche’s so labeled “entry level “car, nothing about this car looks it!

That’s always disappointed me a bit when its referred to as entry level in order to play it down. Yes it is, but it’s a beautiful Porsche nonetheless and thank Porsche for making their so called entry level car so beautiful! If this is a freshmen effort….It says so much about ALL their cars!

I also note the Boxster has a basic shape that can be seen in the current flagship of all Porsche`s…….The Carrera GT….. Makes you think a bit more about the deserved respect the Boxster should get…I am passionate about the “starter” (Boxster) as i am the Daddy of them all! (Carrera GT)

NOTE! I LOVE the setting the car is in also. Helps lend some class to the Boxster S. Take note of the scenery! Its in an upscale plaza.

I love the setting of the car as well. Reminds me of the walking streets in Germany. I’m a sucker for those types of settings. Especially when they have a little coffee shop you can sit in.


  1. nice pic Brad – looks like Tampa, can’t read the plate clearly

  2. great angle!

  3. mitchell says

    there is a masterpiece investments in pdx, but i dont think its the same one – definitely looks like south florida somewhere.

  4. great picture,great car.

  5. is there really a fine art gallery called “masterpiece investments??”

    wonder how they came up with the name!!

  6. brad,
    by saying you are the daddy of all of them does that mean you really own a carrera gt?

  7. Thanks! and thanks Ryan for posting!!!!!!! This Boxster is so nice and in that setting, A goal for the Boxster! 🙂

  8. I like this one better than the carrera

  9. I’m admittedly not the biggest Boxster fan, but I’ve got to say I wouldn’t mind climbing behind the wheel of that one for a cruise on that nice sunny day.

  10. Sorry for the double post – my IE crashed and I thought it wasn’t recorded so I retyped it. Ryan, please delete one of them.

  11. Beautiful image!

  12. That is a pretty sweet looking Boxter. Nice adds.

  13. It must have been taken in Qatar.

  14. This setting is actually Naples Fl., Close bookie 🙂

  15. Nice picture, weather looks nice too!

  16. Brad, if you dropped me in any urban area of Florida (except the keys), I’d say “hey – looks like Tampa”. I think there’s only one commercial architect style for the whole state, so every building is pink coral stucco w/ spanish arches.

  17. @ James, Yes i own a Carrera GT… 1:18 scale ..My grammar is “not so good” lol. I meant i was as passionate about the Boxster as the CGT

  18. This car certainly does belong in a ‘fine arts gallery’.

  19. Hey Ryan, can you take some more pics of your Porsche? With the weather we’ve been having locally I bet you could get some that look as great as Naples, FL!

  20. oh brad, you sure got me laughing on that one!!! if we are talking about model cars i could put my list down of what i own too!!!

  21. Phil Schneider says

    I would have so much fun with this car

  22. @ bookie..That is so true about the style in FL !……

    @ James , If i didnt spend so much on models and posters, I would probably be able to have my dream Porsche lol

  23. naples in a boxster s sounds good to me.

  24. brad you must have thousands and thousands or models and posters =)

  25. James, Could be close to that, add in a ton of magazines too! if there is ever a back of issue of Car and Driver, R&T, Automobile or Dupont registry you need back 30 years or so. I have it lol

  26. holy crap brad!!! 30 years of all those magazines?? you could probably rent those to the public library