Weekly Photo Highlight

Porsche 911 Speedster

This week there were too many great photos to choose from. This one was submitted by Jeremy earning him 5 extra entries into our PorschePerfect Giveway. I love the “modern” 911 Speedster and the wide body version is just plain bonus.

We added quite a few photos to the gallery this week. Check it out when you need a Porsche fix and keep the pictures coming.


  1. That is a sweet looking Porsche. It would be a fun one to drive for sure.

  2. I am so excited to have won!!

  3. Sweet picture Jeremy!

  4. nice shot Jeremy, euro-plates – where was this taken?

  5. Just curious, do all submitted pictures get five extra entries, or only pictures you deem unique? Ha.

  6. I can type a little smiley face but how do i type in a jaw drop? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Looks like it might be a “real” turbo car as well. Except for those ugly bumpers that Porsche used back in the day to satisfy our US bumper/crash laws, that car is about perfect.

  8. nice shot.black w/red interior looks great.

  9. Phil Schneider says

    thanks for the amazing pic

  10. mitchell says

    i love the wide body with the wide tires. it just looks fierce! great photo!

  11. Yea, I think I’d drive this car… even though it has red on it. 😉

  12. Cool ride. Euro plates and Porsche in the background… where was this? Congrats Jeremy.

  13. @ Andrew, car in Germany. When were you in Germany Jeremy? I love that place. If you get the chance, head to stuttgart. Porsche museum…never been though.

  14. jeremy thank you. the 88 speedster is my all time favorite.

  15. This moves up on my list of Porsche’s to own. Speedster widebody = nice. Saw a widebody 911 on the way to work this morning and they sure look good on the road.

  16. malcolm in the middle actor had one.he was very upset when they pretended to steal it.can’t blame him.

  17. Jeremy – where in Germany was this taken?

  18. saw that “punked”.agreed to send thief to hawaii if he brought car back.

  19. @ ruthless, way to keep hounding
    haha its all good, if only the license plate wasnt concealed, we could tell.

  20. Maybe I should be offering additional entries to the first person who can actually get Jeremy to respond about this picture! 🙂

  21. Jeremy I has not need to bother but I must ask if you claim this picture as your own because I see it before in the internet if so I am happy to meet you here and it is a nice picture and very popular online for many years now:


    Jeremy it is nice you let many people see such a nice car picture like yours I am glad to finally meet you here on this site it is good.

    sorry if my grammar is bad for american websites.

  22. calling jeremy

  23. now we know why he hasn’t responded to our questions

  24. LOL
    whats the decision on such a situation?

  25. There is a loophole in this one guys. According to the official rules, it is acceptable to submit an image that is already in the public domain. As PorschePlatz pointed out, this image is listed on wikimedia (I had seen it there too), but even though the original photographer is a guy named Abehn – not Jeremy – it is acceptable to use because by posting on wikimedia, Abehn waived all rights to the pic.

    “I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby release it into the public domain. This applies worldwide.

    In case this is not legally possible:
    I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.”

  26. Read the rules.. There’s nothing in there that says it has to be YOUR image.. just that it can’t have any copywrite issues. This image is public domain.

  27. I’ve been on vacations.. not avaoiding any direct questioning. I got all of this cleared with the rule guys before I sent them to him. It was all out in the open, I never attempted to decieve anyone in this process. I’m just a ruthless and smart competitor.. ask anyone.

  28. P.S. – all pictures of me winning the giveaway porsche will be public domain. So go ahead and submit them to this site.

  29. i believe jeremy was on vacation that’s why he hasn’t got back to any of us

  30. For an example of my competitiveness… watch this:


  31. Jeremy, is that you on the Wheel of Fortune video, or just some guy named Jeremy who’s video is in the public domain? 🙂

  32. You know really its a matter of padding our count

  33. ruthless bookie, of course that is me the video! 35.4 K baby.

  34. Jeremy, if you won that kinda coin, you don’t need to win this car, you can buy a nice used one already

  35. Again I agree w/ ruthless here.
    Cool video though Jeremy. Do they mail you a check or stuff your pockets w/ singles as you exit the stage? Always wondered how that works. Also, did you get to meet Vanna?

    Good work. Is ‘S’ your favorite consonant now?

  36. rb – That kind of scratch doesn’t change my life enough for me to purchase a Porsche.

    Andrew – It’s July 17th and I still haven’t seen a dime from the show. It aired May 11th and they have several months before they have to send the check. I DO get the full amount though, uncle Sam won’t get his hands on it until April of next year.

  37. Oh, and yes, I did meet Vannah. Gave her a little side hug and had a couple minute chat with both her and Pat after the show. She’s 50 and still very beautiful.