Send a Porsche Picture, Get a Chance to Win a Porsche!

Porsche 911 Cabriolet Giveaway 1

We’ve got a new method for gaining an entry into the Porsche Giveaway of the YEAR! It’s an easy one and will help us fill out our Porsche Photo Gallery a bit.

This is a multi-level entry method. The first way you can get an entry into the Porsche Giveaway is by submitting a picture of a Porsche. This can be you in a Porsche, a Porsche in an interesting setting, an exotic Porsche, etc. Images will be added to the gallery.

Before you go willy nilly, read these ground rules:

  1. Pictures should be submitted to pictures @ (take out the spaces in the email address).
  2. Please Please PLEASE keep them family friendly. No nudity, dismembered Porsches (or people), lewd, crude, nasty or any other descriptive term for bad images. The goal is interesting pictures of Porsche cars. Anything we don’t like gets booted. Period. If it gets booted, that means no entry is gained.
  3. We’re going to accept .jpg/.jpeg images ONLY. Don’t even bother sending something else.
  4. Each submitted images needs to be 1MB in size or LESS.
  5. Keep your submissions interesting. Don’t send us a bunch of images of the same car or scene. If we see more than a handful of images of the same car, we’ll boot em.
  6. The pictures you submit should have a Porsche as a focal point. It can be subtle like the Blue Sky picture or a close up of a Porsche.
  7. If 2 people submit the same picture, the person who submitted it first will gain the entry for that submission.
  8. MAKE SURE…you have legal rights to submit the image. If you didn’t take it, don’t submit it unless you have permission, in writing, from the person who did submit it. If we catch people submitting copyrighted content, we’ll boot you out of the contest altogether. And sorry, ignorance is not a good excuse.
  9. IMPORTANT: When you submit an image, you’re giving us permission to use the image however we like, with no compensation, royalty, usage fee or credit paid to you. You’re not transferring ownership, but you are giving us an unlimited license to use your image indefinitely. By submitting an image, you’re agreeing to these terms.

Bottom line, if we see something we don’t like, we’ll delete it and you won’t get an entry for it.

Here’s the second part of this entry method. Once a week, we’ll be selecting our favorite image/images from recent submissions that we like best. Any image we select will gain the person who submitted it an extra 5 entries in the Porsche Giveaway and be featured in a post on the blog.

So get to work and let’s get some cool Porsche images to share.


  1. mitchell says

    time to go porsche stalking, lol (since, sadly, i dont have my own…yet)

  2. Brad Bergeron says

    The GT 3 that whooshed by me last weekend or so would have been nice to capture!…Only i was driving in the other lane 🙂

  3. It should be fun to try and get pictures of cars while not looking creepy. I like the challenge.

  4. well jeremy not looking creepy will be the hard part as i found out today when the owner came out and asked what the #*&#^%! i was doing

  5. Nice James. Creeper.

  6. I got some nice pictures of my boxster, with the water/marina/ boats in the background. I’ll send some later today!

  7. Porschefanatic47 says

    i know EXACTLY where to start

  8. mitchell says

    dang, i saw a really nice used porsche for sale at one of those random “jerry’s autos” type places but i didnt have a cam with me.
    it was, of course, their “featured” car prominently displayed
    on a riser right in front. im not completely sure, but after looking it up online it must have been a ’90 or ’91 944 convertible – which i found out was only made for those 2 years. interesting…

  9. Susan Smith says

    I have some great pictures of my boss’s Porsche.