Weekly Photo Highlight


This picture was submitted by Gary. It’s the Flying Lizard racing team car and was, as Gary described it, “a holy grail pic, just got lucky”. It really is an amazing shot.

We’re starting to get some more pictures for our gallery, which benefits us all. I have a bunch I still need to upload from submissions and some of my own. It’s probably one of the easiest ways you’ll earn entries in our Porsche Giveaway and we currently have no limit on the number you can submit in a day…as long as they’re good pics and not duplicates or the pics of the same vehicle over and over.


  1. It really was a “holy grail” shot – I had already taken 2200+ shots that day, and like I do every year, I take a few night shots, knowing they probably won’t work. This one did.

  2. That really is a great pic! Nice work Gary. The glow of the brakes is awesome. Was that taken with a point and shoot camera, or was it something more advanced?
    Again, nice shot.

  3. Wow this is a great pic! Love the “at speed” capture and just an awesome looking car!

  4. Fantastic shot Gary!!!

  5. That is a sweet pic. You can see the red hot brake rotors. Cooool.

  6. mitchell says

    very impressive! – the car, the shot, everything about it

  7. seeing the brake glow is always fun to see. i always enjoy watching the night nascar races because the glow is always showing

  8. @Andrew – all the photo-geek info is on the Porsche Perfect Flickr photostream:


    in the right hand column, under “additional information” click on “more properties”, and it’ll tell you that I used a Canon Rebel XT w/ a 70-200 f/2.8 lens, etc…

  9. Wow, that is an unbelievable shot. Not quite the ‘Holy Grail’ more like the Shrowd of Turin.

  10. @Ruthless – thanks! I had no idea that info was listed there. Quite a lot gets attached to those jpgs! Really cool to have all of that data. I am assuming you cropped the pic, is that correct? Again, a really great shot and thanks for the info.

  11. think it was more than luck.

  12. corporate sponsorship at it’s best.

  13. @Andrew -there was a tiny bit of cropping to get the car centered in the pic.

    @lar – it was luck, in this sense: the pic was taken @ Sebring going into turn 7 at night (aka the hairpin), and there were THOUSANDS of people standing on an elevated viewing mound just to the right of where I was standing. Most of these people were using point & shoot cameras, so by default their flashes were firing…this pic would have been ruined by that many going off, as I had the camera settings specifically for the actual light that was there…that didn’t happen this time, thus, the luck.

  14. Gary, I hope you are planning on selling this picture!

  15. is a nice pic.

  16. Phil Schneider says

    look at that brake glow. Nice!