How To Fit a Porsche Panamera Into a Freight Elevator

Ever since I read about Porsche’s Panamera unveiling being on the 94th floor of a highrise in Shanghai, I’ve had many unanswered questions in my mind surrounding how they got the thing up there. Well, today I reveal all! (second hand of course)

After a bunch of searching, I found this video that follows the whole process.

That is one amazing feat in my opinion. The crazy thing is they make it look so easy. I want those guys helping me next time I have to move.


  1. YES!! I am so glad you found this video. I was so curious how they did that when you mentioned it in an earlier post.

  2. After a 2nd time through, I still can’t believe that it fit in there. The whole time it looks like it’s going to scrape the crap out of the side of the Porsche.

  3. Those crazy college kids ..What will they think of next 🙂

  4. Wow that is incredible. Thanks for finding that video Ryan. I was also wondering how they actually did it. Not much clearance on the sides of the car.

  5. Wait… I think I’m missing something… All I see is a picture.
    Is that thing standing upright in the elevator??

  6. i’d like to see them try to do that with a hummer

  7. kind of reminds me of the videos where hummers literally climb walls – without the jack…. still cool tho!

  8. Stupid work computer limiting my video-viewing pleasure.


  9. James, yes.. a hummer would be impressive.

  10. now a original mini cooper would be fun to see because they could probably just drive it right in the elevator and not have to deal with all that extra stuff of flipping the car

  11. Look at the poor bellboy, he cant even look at the car 🙁

  12. He is trained to be a high security officer. No smiles, show no interest in the car or the engineering project. Just be a guard.

  13. gravity scares me

  14. stunts like this get a lot of p.r.

  15. right.sure a lot of people have seen this video that had never heard of panamera before.