Weekly Porsche Wrap

Production Panamera – We’ve seen our fair share of photos around, but this is an actual production trim Panamera. Pretty surreal, at least in my opinion, to be seeing these on the street. Kind of reminds me of some chop shop’s version of a stretch 911 limo. I’m definitely excited, but the jury is still out for me on this model. What does everyone else think? [Via CarAndDriver.com]

Porsche may get sued by hedge funds – There’s always lots of talk in the hedge fund world. The latest is that a number of hedge funds are considering suing Porsche over its involvement in the spike of Volkswagen stock that led to billions of dollars of losses for the funds. Personally, I think that’s a bunch of hooey. They lost money. Would THEY want to be sued over someone else losing money when they had significant gains? Of course not. [Via FT.com]

Yet another gold covered Porsche – I guess these are becoming more common place. This time, it’s in Russia of all places. More than 40 pounds of pure gold was used to cover the car. I guess I just have a hard time believing these are actually legit. If someone actually had one of these covered in real gold, you couldn’t drive it anywhere. Just makes no sense. Whether or not this particular one is real, I don’t know. It’s still butt ugly in my opinion. [Via EnglishRussia.com]

PCA members in Alabama invited to drive their Porsches to a Porsche commercial shoot – Now this would be kind of cool, in a Porsche geek-out sort of way. The Porsche Club of America’s Alabama region has asked members to drive their Porsches to Columbiana to watch the filming of a commercial a local advertising company hopes Porsche will buy and use to advertise the brand. Would be fun to watch the shoot, especially based on some of the recent Porsche commercials we’ve seen, plus neat to drive YOUR Porsche to the shoot. I’d do it if I were there. Probably too far to make it in the Giveaway Porsche by Saturday though. [Via ShelbyCountyReporter.com]


  1. Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

  2. They have Porsche in Alabama?

    Oh here is the model they drive down there:


  3. An open apology to all Alabamians: Sorry if the previous post offends you.

    Oh wait a minute, nobody in Alabama has the internet. Can someone tell me how I can run an ad at next weekends Nascar event?

    ok I’m really sorry now.

  4. is there really a point in covering a porsche in gold??? i think they look like hot wheels cars

  5. the panamera, i hope it isn’t the start of the downfall of porsche. if this is the start of the future, good bye porsche.

  6. those hedge funders just want to make money off of anything. they are just pissed because they didn’t have VW stock.

  7. Alabama is home of Porsche Sport Driving School and Barber Motorsports Park, a world-class 2.38 mile road course. Come join us for a PCA DE sometime. You’re always welcome.

  8. The Panamera looks like a Maserati Quattroporte with a Porsche front clip on it. I love the Quattroporte, but hate the Panamera.

  9. Yeah, so currently gold is trading at $950/troy oz, 14.583 troy oz per pound, 40lbs on the car… that’s over $550k in gold on that P.

    I would imagine you probably couldn’t drive it anywhere. At least you couldn’t park it anywhere.

  10. The gold covered Porsche does look like a hot wheels car. I wouldn’t do that to my car. Save the gold for coins.

  11. The Panamera is definitely a trial run for Porsche to compete with Mercedes in the luxury sedan market. Although I have always loved Porsches I would like them to stick to sports cars. Ok, I guess a SUV is ok. But it ends there.

  12. Do you remember how much uproar there was from the Porsche community when they announced they’d be making an SUV? It will be the same w/ a 4 door sedan. I say drop this and the Cayenne and just stick to making 2 door sportscars.

  13. i totally agree with you andrew about the panamera looking like the maserati.

  14. The gold Porsche is wicked ugly. By the way, there was a post a few weeks ago about a Porsche police car in Alabama.


  1. […] Typically I love Porsche special edition cars. They seem to have those little touches that make them stand out from the norm and increase desirability enough to cause you to mull over the “what ifs” in your mind. This time around, Porsche missed the mark for me on the Porsche 911 Tenth Anniversary Edition. Perhaps I just don’t get it, not plugged into the Chinese culture and what will get the juices of 10 über wealthy Chinese men going. This car looks more like something destined for the roads of Saudi Arabia than China and reminds me of that gold plated Porsche from a couple of years ago (Weekly Porsche Wrap). […]