“Rare” My Asphalt…Part Zwei (2)

In case you missed my first “rare” rant, you can see it here: “Rare.” Rare My Asphalt!. I’m sure no one wants to hear my rant about something so trivial, but I’ve really gotten to the point where these dumb little adjectives and descriptive phrases bug me. Besides, you don’t have to read it if you think I’M the one who’s the idiot.

I had the following conversation today with “Pepe” (name changed to protect the innocent):

“Pepe”: is this the red version of the one we got?
“Pepe”: http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/1029430309.html

Ryan: looks like it
Ryan: although ours isn’t the “Nicest 996 Cabriolet ANYWHERE under $30k”
Ryan: that’s a decent car. been up for a few weeks on CL

“Pepe”: this kind of stuff is what I’d expect someone driving a Porsche and claiming to be a card carrying member would say
“Pepe”: “I am a longtime Porsche owner and member of the Porsche Club and can honestly say this truly is the cleanest, best documented 996 Carrera Cabriolet in the state.”

Ryan: ha! yeah
Ryan: doesn’t matter though b/c NO ONE IS GOING TO BUY YOUR CAR

“Pepe”: I’m sure he has access to every Porsche in the state and all the documents for them

Ryan: call it “rare”
Ryan: call it “the nicest car in the state”
Ryan: call it “made of gold”
Ryan: you ain’t gonna sell a 996 Cab for $30k in this economy
Ryan: well, maybe if it was made of gold you would

“Pepe”: sounds like it’s time for another ‘rare, my asphault’ post

Ryan: I know it’s all about pitching your car, but I have developed pet peeves for people who make the “rare” and “nicest car” statements

“Pepe”: “Best investment you will make. ”
“Pepe”: this guy is more honest
“Pepe”: http://salem.craigslist.org/cto/1012806243.html
“Pepe”: paint is rough
“Pepe”: interior is 90%
“Pepe”: way better to do it that way

Ryan: yeah
Ryan: give me an honest assessment of the car, stop trying to bs your way into a sale
Ryan: it only makes you look like an idiot

“Pepe”: exactly

“Pepe”: oh…I found the under 1500 race car
“Pepe”: http://salem.craigslist.org/cto/995325396.html

Ryan: ha! “drives nice”
Ryan: whatever


  1. Seriously.. they ought to make a list of cliche phrases that cannot be used for online auctions/sales. ‘Cutting Edge’, ‘Highly Unique’, ‘Antique’, ‘Vintage’, ‘Take Advantage of’.

    Please, make it stop.

  2. flagged and removed :s

  3. i wonder who “pepe” might be

  4. find any more of these lately? thats funny

  5. Yeah, those are funny because they are so common.