Porsche Weekly Wrap

Porsche Cayenne Diesel on display for 3 days only – Later this month, Porsche Australia will display the new Cayenne Diesel at the Melbourne Auto Show. Not sure why only 3 days. Be interesting to see how the diesel version is received. Porsche is expecting 80% of buyers will choose the brand new diesel. [Via PaddockTalk.com]

Porsche dealership in South Africa installs ioimage Intelligent Video – Kind of “off the beaten path”, but this is pretty cool technology to protect $15 million worth of luxury cars. The system detects intruders along 650 meters of fence line but ignores environmental influences that trigger false alarms. The system also integrates with Porsche’s Virtual Private Network infrastructure for central monitoring of its dealerships. Kind of futuristic movie type of security. [Via PRNewsWire.com]

Porsche Carrera GT owner tries new compact parking method – The Carrera GT is totaled. Most likely because the driver was going too fast (or just plain stupid…or both). What a sad end for a rare Porsche. [Via AutoGespot.com]

Porsche WordPress Blog Theme – For all you fellow bloggers out there, if you have a WordPress Blog and are in the market for a Porsche theme, look no further than WebFrap.com. They have a free Porsche theme you can download and install very easily. Not bad looking. [Via WebFrap.com]


  1. Im sure the driver has another one
    either that or a ferrari or lambo

  2. that diesel cayenne is going to be SWEEEEET!!!

  3. wrecked and totalled Carrera GT,,,Lump in the throat is right….and welling of the eyes.