Win My Porsche 911 Cabriolet

Today Stuttgart got the grand opening of the Porsche Museum. We thought John Q Public (aka the Fine Readers of needed something special on this monumental day since you won’t be getting into the Porsche Museum for another couple of days.

If you’ve been reading the blog for any length of time, you know that I’ve wanted a Porsche since I was a teenager. I finally bought my first Porsche about 3 weeks ago.

I decided that I would share the love and give this car away to a lucky reader on this blog. It took me a long time to realize the dream of owning a Porsche, and while I love having one, I want to help someone else realize their dream as well. Sounds crazy, I know. It’s all part of making 2009 an epic year.

We have a special giveaway page all set up. The rules of the giveaway are simple. We have some basic things that will get you entries, as well as some special things that will change every month to gain additional entries. Follow the rules and you’ll have lots of chances to win this car. Don’t follow the rules, and we’ll delete your entries. Plain and simple. Our car, our rules.

We WILL, however, be giving away this car on August 6, 2009. This is not a conditional thing. If we only have 100 people enter, you’ll have a 1 in 100 shot (or better) at winning a Porsche.

Sign up today and join us in sharing the Porsche love by helping us spread the word.

Here’s a link to the official Porsche Giveaway page.


  1. What a great idea. I hope it works for you and you get tons of pageviews, subscribers, etc.!!!

  2. I love it

  3. Really great looking car, hope to win it!

  4. John Trask says

    I have collect models of Porsche 911’s, the car to be given away is the same as one of my favorites. It is a Silver with Navy interior 1996 Porsche 911 Cabriolet. The giveaway car would be a great addition to my collection….and I could stop making those VROOOM! sounds, since this model comes with plenty of built in VROOM!!


  5. John Trask says

    I wonder if you can get a TRG or Flying Lizard wrap for the car….or better yet a Brumos wrap.

  6. John Trask says

    January 30,2009 ……. tap tap tap tap, that’s my foot waiting, yes waiting to depress the gas pedal on my new Porsche. Feel the surge of power and zooooooooooooooooooom! Gone.

  7. This is a ton sweeter than the hoopty I am used to! Great idea for this site =)

  8. We all have that dream as teenagers. At least some get to realize it.

  9. Very beautiful car can`t wait to be driving it this summer!

  10. Ryan:

    You guys are the best. Who’s giving away a 911 anywhere in the USA but Freeman’s? Amazing. Thanks for all you do.

    • Brian, thanks for the kind words. The guys are Freeman definitely ARE awesome, but and this giveaway aren’t connected with them in any way other than we bought the car from them and want other people to know what a great experience we had at the dealership. Hope you enjoy the site and best of luck in the giveaway.

  11. i’ve got a count down going at how many more days until i get to own the car. i actually had a dream about it last night

  12. I can already imagine myself behind the wheel of that sweet Porsche. I was hoping to buy one myself in the next few years as I have been a Porsche fanatic since my first ride in a 911 RSR Race car one of my childhood friends dads raced at Portland International Raceway back when I was in the 5th grade.

  13. wow what an easy way to win a great car. I’m a college student, looking for a car, never owned one, but would like one. Its kinda hard not having money. Haven’t looked into Porsche too much, was actually looking at saving up for a Ford Mustang, but this deal is too good to pass up. good luck to all…

  14. Kathi O. says

    What a beautiful car. I can see myself driving in one of these. I have always wanted a Crysler Crossfire, but this would be so much nicer!
    Good Luck everyone

  15. Roxanne Williamson says

    This a knock down gorgeous car. Makes me drool alittle just looking at it. Makes the old sad SUV look like an old sad SUV.

  16. This is really a nice car. It’s wonderful to see such a beautiful machine.

  17. I’ve ALWAYS loved Porsche’s, hopefully this will give me the chance to get one!

  18. Robert Cooper says

    What an awesome car would love to win it!!!

  19. Unreal, I hope I get lucky!

  20. What a car! This would really be a dream win. If I did win, I would have to pinch myself… pinch, pinch….

  21. This is just a terrific idea. I would hope to win ,as life has it,My dream has kept me in reach but priorities ,unable to grasp. This would assure a stranglehold for me 🙂 Even i didnt win, The idea of someones dream being made is too cool 🙂

  22. Robert Cooper says

    Would love to own this car!!!

  23. Robert Cooper says

    This car is awesome cant wait to win it!!!

  24. Robert Cooper says

    I bet it handles like its on rails!!!

  25. M. E. Wilcox says

    I’ve always loved this model of Porsche. I like your story…”share the wealth” is my philosophy as well!

  26. Yes, this is a great contest. I’m learning more and more about the car I’m going to win!! LOL

  27. Robert Cooper says

    Pick me to win this awesome car!

  28. Robert Cooper says

    This would be the perfect summer car

  29. Robert Cooper says

    It would be the perfect car to drive up to the mountains through the S bends with the top down

  30. Robert Cooper says

    This car is awesome!!

  31. Robert Cooper says

    I hope I win this perfect car!

  32. Robert Cooper says

    It would be perfect to drive all summer long.

  33. I would love to see the look on my wife’s face if I pull up in this. Especially if I tell her I just went out and bought this.

  34. Here in TX I could have the top down almost the entire year!

  35. stupendousdan says

    Thanks for this contest. I am in need of another car. Got caught flat footed today when I had our van out and about and my wife needed to take my daughter to the emergency room. Fortunately a neighbor was available to help out. But having another car would be fantastic. It being a Porsche would move it to miraculous.

  36. For this car I would (finally) learn to drive a stick!

  37. rebekah arnold says

    HI I really would love this car ! my husband had a 1949 944 and it caught fire a few years back and this would be awesome to win !

  38. I would love to win this for my (German) husband who loves Porsche cars.

  39. Thank you so very much for having this fantastic sweepstakes! What a great way to promote your blog and offer others the chance of a lifetime while doing it. I wish you much success and look forward to following this blog to learn of more opportunities to win this sweepstakes.

  40. Cheryl Larimer says

    Love it. My husband got a fun car for his mid life crisis and now it should be my turn. Then mine would be better than his and he would think he needs a new one too. Vicous circle, but wouldn’t that be fun!

  41. Cheryl Larimer says

    Sweet! The first thing I would do is take a long road trip.

  42. I always wanted a car like this!!

  43. My car now is a 97 van – what a change that would be…

  44. I would get a purse to match its color!

  45. I would love this car!!!

  46. This car was made for me…

  47. I would look great in this car!

  48. Catharine R says

    What a beautiful automobile! Love the color.

  49. i gotta have this great car!!

  50. My friends around 1999 had nustangs and I had a Firebird.. This would be a step up…

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