If you could have only one Porsche…

While looking for a Porsche, I’ve run across a lot of cars I’d love to own some day. Everything from an early 911 or 912 that has had a couple of minor updates to a 1995.5 or newer 944. From a 928S or S4 to a late model 911 Turbo. Seems like I’m always seeing something I want. I’m sure you’re thinking “me too.”

It’s got me to thinking that if I could own only one Porsche, what would I choose? Like most, I’d have a really hard time choosing just one. There are a lot of cars I’d love to own at some point in my life, but there are a number of them I don’t think I’d want to own for a long period of time. A 1970s 911 Turbo for instance, would be a great car to have for a while, but probably wouldn’t be a daily driver. A late model 911 Turbo on the other hand, could be a sweet daily driver. It’s helped me narrow down the list of cars I think I’d want to own and why.

At the end of the day, I think the one Porsche I’d want to own and live with long term would be one I could drive everyday. Comfortable enough to drive in traffic, on long trips, etc, but powerful enough to enjoy on back roads or long straight aways.

If you could own one Porsche, what would be?


  1. I don’t think I could every pick just one. If I had to it wouldd definitely be a 993 Turbo S.

    How the search going?

  2. That’s a great choice. Course just about any “only one Porsche” would probably need to end in Turbo for me.

    Search is going well. Looked at a lot of cars and actually got distracted by another car for a few weeks.

    Thanks for asking.

  3. i’d have to go with a white GT2. if i couldn’t have that i’d go for a 97 turbo, i think those mid to late nineties models are so classic looking. well then i just remembered my favorite porsche and that’s the 1988-89 911 speedster. only 2100 were built and 800 came across the pond. it was also the last model to be built in the old factory

  4. Mine would be a 930 Turbo. It has always been that, so why change now.

  5. marque911 says

    In the current range, I’d have a GT3. Or a Cayman S. Classic? 3 litre turbo. Race car? 904.

  6. Phil Schneider says

    that’s a really tough question. I’d be second guessing myself
    all the time. Today it’s a ’83 911 SC.