Tempting Porsches #2

I haven’t seen many tempting Porsches the last few weeks.  Cars I would seriously consider buying, but also are a bit on the bubble when compared to other cars on the market.  Lately these have fallen more into the questionable history (rarely a good thing with a Porsche) or need work (definitely not a good thing for me) categories.

Regardless, I keep coming across the two cars below in my area.

Tempting Porsche #1

The first is a 1983 911SC.  It’s got a “new” 3.0 liter engine with some additional modifications done to it.  Clean title and about 160k miles on the chasis.  He says “Car is very fast but never abused.”  Fair enough until you read that it’s an 18 year old kid driving it.  I’m sure I drive worse than an 18 year old a fair share of the time, but you have to wonder about the abuse category given the typical kid’s very definition of “abuse”.

That said, what could be better than a classic turbo look 911 in Guards Red?  Reminds me of the 911 Turbo posters I had on my wall in the early 80’s

Offered for sale (on Craigslist) at $20,000 or trade for another sporty import.

Tempting Porsche #2

The second is another widebody, turbo-look Porsche (there’s a surprise, eh?).  It’s a 1977 930 Turbo Slant Nose.  It’s black with tan interior and only 73,000 miles.  It’s only had two owners and the current owner has maintenance records and says the car runs fantastic.

I’m pretty sure Porsche didn’t offer a slantnose option until the mid 80’s, so it would be interesting to see the body work and if he has any receipts on it.  Again, the slantnose hooks me and the wide body reels me in.  This could be a really cool car despite the tan interior, which I’m not a fan of on the older cars.

Interesting on this one.  Not a lot of info on the ad.  When I emailed the owner to ask about more details, he responded that additional information would be posted later that day (rather than just sending me the info I was asking for right then).  A day later and no more info.  He also says in his ad that he’s interested in having someone sell the car for him.  Maybe we can keep the car at my place and I’ll find just the right buyer for him over the next 6 months!

Offered for sale (on Craigslist) for $15,000.


  1. Never really been a fan of the slant noses, and for sure the kits.

  2. The 930 Turbo has always been my favorite and if I had the choice I would go for the slantnose. It sure has a strong look.

  3. I think the 930 slant nose has almost a ‘batmobile’ quality to it despite the brown interior. Maybe that’s why the guy is acting kind of mysteriously about it. Do you suppose that the other modifications on it include a rocket-powered engine? 😉

  4. The 83 SC . A great year in my opinion and a good era for the 911`s. But a kid owning it now? Ten foot pole in hand i would buy cheap to fix the damage we know it has 🙁

  5. I wanted the 83 911, but never came across one. Where I live Porsches aren’t the most popular car. its mostly a muscle car scene here.

  6. Galen Wood says

    I had no idea the 911 looked that good in 1983

  7. Yeah, I agree Galen. I absolutely love the 911SC.

  8. Stephen says

    I like the 930 turbo the best

  9. That 911SC looks amazing, ive always loved that year. I would definitely consider it seriously, i know i would even if it was owned by an 18 year old.

  10. Slantnose never did much for me. Too Miami Vice for me.
    The regular 911 turbo was good enough for me.

  11. Would the value decrease if I decide to paint the car a different color?

  12. Great cars!

  13. Love the tails!

  14. make sure slantnose isn’t fiberglass.

  15. 930 is a classic.

  16. I would go with the 1983, but I would be concerned with the mileage.

  17. oh my the red one is definitley my DREAM porsche undoubtly ……except the carrera GT but we wont even go there

  18. Trade for another sporty import???? A MG midget would be considered sporty and it’s an import.

  19. Phil Schneider says

    slant nose? small side strakes before the rear wheel?

  20. The black one would look so great in my garage!

  21. Actually I would just go ahead and get both of these. It would be fun to trade driving time between the two.

  22. Never thought about buying both — that’s a great idea!

  23. My boyfriend would love to have a porshe from the 80s.

  24. mitchell says

    while i think they look cool and are nostalgic, it would seem a modern day porsche (say, within the last 10 years) would
    be a better performer, with a smoother ride. i may be completely
    wrong, but thats at least my perception

  25. Any porsche is worth driving!

  26. The 1977 slant nose is actually my neighbors car. Weird to find this online.

  27. Also he still hasn’t sold it.