Porsche Carrera GT Wrapped In…….Post It Notes???

I guess when you have more money than you do time, this is the type of thing you do for fun. Wait, more time than you do money….uh….well….

I just don’t get stuff like this. Why in the world would someone do something like this? If it’s for publicity’s sake, at least hire a decent camera guy, or get a buddy who doesn’t shake the camera more than a nervous 6th grader asking the hot girl out for his first date.

James C spotted this and sent it in. Thanks for the interesting video James!


  1. What a moron.

  2. I’d do a test – go faster and faster to determine what speed would strip the car clean!

  3. Ryan,

    VRAlexander was known for all sorts of publicity stunts prior to his untimely death. Perhaps his best known one (in the Porsche world) is the video of him driving around Beverly Hills terrorizing people on the sidewalk with the exhaust note from his Carrera GT http://youtu.be/MkLjCYjqGDU