Weekly Porsche Wrap

Here are some things I’ve had bookmarked from the past couple of weeks that I finally got back to read. Always interesting developments in the Porsche world.

Chrysler designers pick the brains of Porsche owners – For nearly as long as I’ve loved Porsches, I’ve been keenly aware of the rivalry that exists between American muscle car and European sports car fans. I find it both intriguing and refreshing to hear that Chrysler is expanding their horizons to improve their brands, and specifically the Dodge Viper, by asking Porsche owners, as well as those who own other high-end supercars, what they think of the of the Dodge Viper. A great way to gather some valuable feedback and improve a car that is the “ultimate” supercar for many redblooded Americans. [Via EGMCarTech.com]

Another mid-engined semi-supercar coming from Porsche? – This rumor surfaced a few months ago, but is coming back into the spotlight with a bit more info. Automobile Magazine is reporting that Porsche is taking aim at the Ferrari 458 Italia and McLaren MP4-12C with a mid-engined supercar that may pack a V-8 power plant producing 500-600 hp. According to the mag, the car would be in the $280k range and would sit in between the Porsche 911 and Porsche 918 Spyder models in the lineup. It’s expected to be badged as a 961, making it’s way to dealerships as soon as 2013. [Via AutomobileMag.com]

Porsche Design P’9522…the ultimate handling phone – Porsche Design recently released the P’9522 Gold Limited Edition phone to make all your calling dreams come true. Typical Porsche Design with a twist. This one has 18 carat gold plating on the sides. Lots of tech is packed into the phone including Biometric Fingerprint Sensor, large scratchproof screen, 5.0 megapixel video capable camera, GPS nav, etc. I didn’t see a price on the device, but I doubt it will fall into “phone for the kids” category. [Via Autoevoluation.com; Image www.huyen.com.vn]

Porsche moving North American headquarters to new site – I was just thinking the other day about when Porsche Cars North America was based in Reno, Nevada. I remember driving by it and seeing the huge lots of Porsches. A kid’s (big or small) dream. Looks like Porsche is going to stick with Atlanta, but is looking to spend some of the cash it’s been banking with sales being up. The new $80 to $100 million facility will include a test track, offices, employee housing, and other Porsche facilities. Porsche is scheduled to break ground this fall and move in late 2013. [Via Foxnews.com]

Would driving a Porsche change your life? – Seems like a no brainer to me. Of course! It seems one author is going to try to answer just that question in his new motivational book. Turns out you can download a copy of it for free at the author’s site here: http://www.woutersnyman.com. It intrigued me enough to download. If it changes my life, I’ll be sure to let you know. [Via OnlinePRNews.com]


  1. That is really cool Porsche has come out with a phone. I would be interesting in seeing how much it is and i agree it probably won’t fall into the “Kids Phone” category.

  2. I would love to see the new Porsche HQ facility in Atlanta when it is finished. Sounds like a cool site.