TECHART Opens US Based Sales Headquarters

TECHART Porsche Cayenne Magnum

I’ll be honest, the primary reason I’m posting this is because I love the picture and wanted to get it onto the blog. Even though it’s heavily edited (as most “good” pictures tend to be), it’s one of those dreamy photos I could use as a background or have hanging on a wall. Transports you to another place and time.

It’s pretty cool, though, that TECHART sees the US market as important enough to open a headquarters here. It’s in Irvine, California, and offers easier access to the company’s product line.

If anyone is in the Irvine area, be great if you could swing by there, take some pictures and do a little write up to share with everyone.

[Source & Image: TECHART)


  1. Very cool photo.

  2. christophe says

    Nice X5! oh wait…