Roll Like David Beckham…In His Porsche!

If you’ve got a hankerin for something special and have a couple hundred thousand to burn, this very well could be the car for you. David Beckham’s Porsche 911 Turbo is up for auction on eBay with just under 5 days left. Currently the bid is at $153,500. Rumor has it that Chequered Flag, the dealer selling the vehicle, turned down an offer of $175,000 to end the auction early. It’s hard to believe this car would go for significantly more than that.

It’s a 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet that was purchased new at Beverly Hills Porsche. Beckham dropped some serious coin customizing this car after it was purchased. Which brings us to an important question: What makes this car special other than a celebrity owner? First off, it’s highly unique with blacked-out headlights, special alloy wheels, a Techart exhaust and has Beckham’s LA Galaxy #23 embroidered on the head rests. It’s got an interesting all matte black finish on the exterior. I’m not the fence whether or not I like the look.

One nice touch are custom Porsche emblems throughout the car. I have to say I really like the look of those.

This is a pretty interesting car. Do you buy a car like this to put in a collection, drive or what? I get the celebrity ownership to a degree, but commanding that high of a price? And what happens when David Beckham falls into “has been” status? I guess I just don’t quite get the huge premium to be paid for the opportunity to sit your butt where a celebrity has sat his. I kind of wonder what the exact same car minus the 23 embroidered on the seats and David Beckham’s name on the title would fetch.

Check out the auction and more pictures here: David Beckham’s Porsche 911 Turbo.


  1. New eBay listing for celebrity Porsche turbo 120668984681.

  2. How much do new seats cost? If I bought this car I’d have to deduct the cost to change out those seats. Having your jersey number embroidered on every seat is pretty tacky. I think the matte finish paint probably looks much better in person. In pictures it looks a little plasticky. Paying a premium for a celebrity owned car seems pretty silly to me.

  3. i’ll pass. it just doesn’t do anything for me when it’s all molested like that

  4. Christophe says

    Sadly, it is a cab. Also, those tinted headlights are tasteless IMO.

  5. Of the 911 is a great car but that mat colour i find not nice at all.

  6. I am as big a Porsche enthusiast as you’ll find, but that is the least attractive 911 I’ve ever seen. He should not be allowed to drive a Pcar any longer.