2011 Porsche Winter Driving Experience

This is a short promo video from Porsche, but some great footage. Makes me jealous of those of you living in areas with lots of snow. I know it gets old, but this would be a blast in a Porsche.


  1. The only difference between the video and my Wisconsin is in Wisconsin we use about 100,000 tons of salt on the roads to make the roads drivable. In the video I didn’t see and salt! That’s why my Boxster stays in the garage during the summer. Instead, I play with my all-wheel drive Subaru.

  2. Loved that video, especially the sideways action some of those porsches were getting, what a blast it must of been to be behind the wheel, especially with a wide open track that, you can really let it all hang out for sure!


  3. I agree, it must be a lot of fun to wheel a Porsche around in the winter. If you have some high performance driving experience, there’s nothing like it for fun.

  4. That looks like way too much fun. I only wish I was able to drive on a closed course just to see what I could do.

  5. That’s really a nice & ultimate video on Winter Driving Experience.I have enjoy with this nice video.

  6. I would love to drive on snow with a 4 wheel drive 911! Nice video.