Porsche Cajun

For those living under a rock for the last month, Porsche has decided to build a smaller version of the Porssche Cayenne currently slotted for the 2014 model year. Here’s the official info from a Porsche press release a couple of weeks ago:

Under the working name “Cajun”, this efficient and sporty model will further expand the world’s most successful Porsche segment in the SUV sector. In addition to the new Cayenne, which has clearly consolidated its market position as the most successful sporty SUV in the premium segment, the “Cajun” will also have a very positive impact with its typical Porsche features such as light weight, ease of handling and agility. As an attractive entry model in the Porsche world, the “Cajun” will attract new and even younger customers to the premium brand along with the current Boxster, the market leader in the segment of two-seater, mid-size sports cars.

Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age, but I’m starting to really like the Cayenne (vs. my feelings even just a year ago) and could really see myself owning one some day. In fact I was following one just yesterday and found myself really admiring the looks of it. My dad will likely disown me if I ever get one as he thinks they’re cars for people with too much money who feel the need to show off how much money they have.

The Cajun is an interesting step into the smaller SUV market. I’m not sure I 100% agree with it. An SUV seems like it fulfills a certain purpose, one of those being something with four doors, but that could just be a hangup I have in my own mind. Perhaps the Cajun is meant to be more of a crossover, but again, that just seems like an odd duckling category.

I’ve read some interesting speculation about what Porsche will be putting into the new Cajun. TopSpeed.com (thanks for the link Lyndon!) even mentioned a Cajun Turbo S model. Not sure where they’re getting that. With nothing official in terms of specs from Porsche yet, rumors abound. Here’s a link to the pretty detailed write up by TopSpeed.com: 2013 Porsche Cajun.

Think the Cajun will fall into the “truck” category?

[Source: Press.Porsche.com]


  1. Nick Pisano says

    People say the Porsche brand is selling out but hey, as long as their making best in class cars, i think their still OK!