Pictures From 2010 LA Auto Show

Sometimes you have to live vicariously through others. Nick, one of readers, sent me pictures from his visit to the LA Auto Show this year. Some great shots. Below are some of my favorites. I added all of them to the Flickr account if you want to see more.

Thanks for sending these in Nick!

porsche 911 speedster

porsche 911 gt3 r hybrid

porsche boxster spyder

porsche badge

porsche cayman


  1. you have a huge collection of porshe . Losving the car in blue

  2. Great pictures. That Porsche Hybrid is a really interesting project by Williams. I am looking forward to seeing it run in competition next year. I think one is planned to be run in the ALMS too?

  3. Nick Pisano says

    Komodo: Thanks, and ya the GT3R Hybrid is running around the US now.