Porsche 911 Turbo S

These two shots were snapped by the quick hands of James C, one of our PorschePerfect.com readers. The shots are not the best, but when you see a car like this in a little city like Salem, Oregon. Word on the street is this is one of only 2 of the new Porsche 911 Turbo S cars in the state. It’s a Cabriolet model.

Thanks James!

new porsche 911 turbo s

new porsche 911 turbo s


  1. How many pics do you want? We have a 2011 997 Turbo S for review on loan from PCNA right now. 🙂 530 HP has to be felt to believe!!! When you step on the gas, it’s as if the hand of God reaches out of the sky and gives you a hard shove. Once the turbo kicks, the power is so linear it’s scary. You think, “I can’t possibly keep accelerating, can I?” But then you do. Wild!

  2. I doubt this is an S, the wheels are incorrect as is the exterior color…
    I mean who would order this car without the center lock rims and not in the special blue color designated only for that model ?

  3. Nick Pisano says

    I agree with the wheel part, but maybe these are just more desirable to the owner. The color? Any man would choose grey over baby blue…