Porsche 930 Video

Lyndon sent me links to a couple of Porsche 911 Turbo videos. This was one of them. Normally I don’t go for the whole “see how cool my car is through my eyes” type of homemade video, but this is Porsche 911 Turbo! Won’t blow your socks off, but some cool home camera shots of the car, both stills and drive-by’s. Gorgeous car too.

Thanks Lyndon!


  1. does somebody have too much time on their hands??

  2. Love the power of the 930. Wow.

  3. I still think it is one of the most beautiful Porsches ever built. Great lines and great engine note.

  4. These are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are one of the finest porsche produced. I can barely call it work when I’m servicing or fixing one of these.

  5. @ James

    Are you talking about me or the guy in the video? lol

  6. Wouldn’t mind cruising down the Autobahn in this bad boy.