Porschefy Your Firefox Web Browser

Lyndon, the ever faithful sender of interesting Porsche finds, sent over an email today with a link to something called Personas that allow you to customize your Firefox web browser with a Porsche based theme (or thousands of other themes). Here’s a quick sample of one I loaded up in my browser:

firefox personas

Here’s a link to the Porsche specific personas: GetPersonas.com. Once on the page, if you’re using Firefox, you can just mouse over each persona and it will show you a preview of it.

I don’t know that I’ll keep it forever, but it’s kind of a cool way to change up a normally bland space in the top of the browser window.

Thanks Lyndon!


  1. You can do this with Google chrome too, I’ve got an orange GT3RS on mine.

  2. This is so awesome! i just wish they had it for Google!

  3. Wow! Its really a great skin for my favorite browser. I like all the persona and updating 100’s of time daily. I like changing it keep me fresh.

  4. That is cool. What a great idea.

  5. Rubber car mats says

    Personas are the really great feature to decorate the Firefox browser.
    You can give your browser desired look.

  6. I have only just discovered these firefox personas. So I had a go at creating a few myself. Im not the best artist in the world, but here’s what I managed to create: