Weekly Porsche Wrap

This should probably be called the Monthly Porsche Wrap as it’s been about that long since my last weekly update. I’m sure none of you are on pins and needles with Texas size holes in the middle of your current Porsche events knowledge waiting for me. I still like to get them out in a timely manner, more for my own satisfaction than anything.

Here’s what I found interesting from the last few weeks.

Next rendition of the Porsche Boxster spied fueling in Germany – Someone thinks they’ve seen the next Porsche Boxster. This time with no camo. There are a few pics floating around with all sorts of crap hanging off the next gen Boxster. Not this one. It’s expected to have increased performance starting at 270 hp output engines through a rumored turbo charged engine. Those who think they’re in the know are also saying it’s going to be longer to make room for a “baby Boxster” in the lineup. Gotta say I love the look of that car and those dark colored wheels. [Via TopSpeed.com; Image: TopSpeed.com]

Free Porsche 911 check ups for owners in the UK – Porsche 911 owners in the UK can take their cars to a local Porsche dealer on October 16 for a free health check. Porsche says the event is being put on to celebrate the 911’s “tenacity” and the fact that three quarters of all Porsches ever sold are still on the road. I wonder what their definition of “still on the road” is? I haven’t heard of Porsche doing this before, but maybe those who buy at their local Porsche dealer are in the know and this happens in the States as well. [Via Autotrader.co.uk]

Porsche applying it’s engineering prowess to truck cabs…yep, truck cabs – Porsche Engineering Group GmbH is going to help Scania develop a truck cab frame. Porsche will provide its expertise in engineering services and processes. Glad to see them putting their expertise to good use. [Via TheGreenCarWebsite.co.uk]

Porsche in talks with the city of Moscow to possibly help ZIL with truck cabin design – Yet another possible design opportunity for Porsche. This time with Russian automaker Zavod imeni Likhachova or ZIL. Interesting opportunities for Porsche. [Via Ria Novosti]

John Small selling his Porsche collection??? Who knows – I’ve written a couple of posts about John Small’s Porsche collection in the past (Ultimate Old 911 “Collection” and Old 911 Collection Pictures). Some call him a collector, others call him a hoarder. I’m not really sure what to think. I do know the guy has some dang cool older Porsche 911s in his care. And hey, if you have the means, is there really anything wrong with buying something you love? It’s popped up a couple of times that he is selling his collection. Evidently he’s done this before, but never actually sold it. Some great pictures at the link on Jalopnik. [Via Jalopnik.com]


  1. The boxster’s roof line looks lower, probably because of the length. could be a trick of the camera lens.


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