Onboard A Porsche 917K At Goodwood

I’ve really been into these onboard cams lately. I love how they put you in the driver’s seat and some of the tracks they run are pretty amazing. Not to mention the driving.


  1. Wow this video is awesome, it feels so cool being able to see from the point of view of the driver. They are going so quick.

  2. The sound of the air-cooled Porsche engines back then was something else. There was this one video called ‘In-Car 956’ which had a series of full onboard laps in the famous WSC Rothmans Porsche 956 driven by Derek Bell, around the famous tracks of the world. It’s available on DVD now too. I wish there was a full onboard video with the Porsche 917/30 that Mark Donohue ran in the 73 Can-Am season.

  3. My buddy was telling me they have been showing Goodwood on HD Theater channel.

  4. The Cayenne demonstration was particularly interesting as were the interviews with the legendary drivers of the 70s like Richard Attwood, Derek Bell and Brian Redman. Goodwood has become one the top activities globally for car enthusiasts, and a must visit for all of us.

  5. Very cool video. Love the track videos.

  6. hey nice video, i like it very much