Porsche 911 Sport Classic = Happiness

I happened on a post on Autoblog.com this weekend about the Porsche 911 Sport Classic. The title of it was “2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic is proof that money really can buy happiness.” Classic! Judging just from the video I posted a few months ago (911 Sport Classic Video), I’d have to agree. Based on styling alone, I absolutely love this car.

The Porsche 911 Sport Classic was announced late in 2009 as a limited production car with all 250 units quickly being snatched up by buyers. No cars were officially produced for North America. I’m sure some made it here regardless. The Sport Classic is finished in a gray paint called Sport Classic Grey with a great Espresso Nature based interior. Lots of little extras were included on the Sport Classic including the engine “Powerkit”, PCCB, flared turbo fenders and a sweet throw back ducktail spoiler.

A couple of things that stand out in my mind aside from the typical stuff already mentioned. First are the subtle racing stripes running down the middle of the car. Those are classy looking and I love how you have to do a double take to figure out if they’re shadows or something actually on the car. My buddy’s Porsche Cayman Design Edition has those. They really set the car off in my opinion.

The second thing is the special design used in the middle of the seat bottoms, seat backs and door inserts. It’s a woven pattern Porsche calls “woven leather.” They describe it as a “special material woven out of strips of leather and yarn strengthened by a lining at the bottom.” Little touches like that in these special edition cars just bolster their desirability in my book.

The Autoblog.com post is definitely worth reading, especially since they compare the Sport Classic to the normal 911 Carrera S and the 911 GT3. This is definitely a Porsche for the Ultimate Car List.

Read the Autoblog.com post here: 2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic is proof that money really can buy happiness.

[Source & Images: Autoblog.com]


  1. *Busy on craigs list trying to trade some used paper clips for this 911*

  2. I love this car, I really like the duck tail and fuchsish wheels. never pictures that tail on a 997 but it works. Good luck Joe.

  3. Instead of buying this…I would buy a 911s and spend 20-25 grand more to make it look like this and call it 251.

  4. This 911 is definitely a hot car to say the least, I would love to be driving one of these, I think a red color would make it perfect!

    Till then,