858 HP Porsche By Sportec

Thanks to Lyndon, one of our PorschePerfect.com readers, for sending this link over. Some of the numbers tuners are getting out of the Porsche 911 are just mind boggling. When you start getting up to 600, 700, 800 or even 1,000 horsepower, you’re talking a world most of us will never experience. I can’t imagine having that much power on tap. Maybe some of you can shed light on what it would even be like to drive a car with that much power on the open road.

In typical tuner fashion, Sportec has taken an already great car and attempted to squeeze top tier supercar performance out of it. Here’s a few of the upgrades for the 2010 Sportec SPR1R:

  • 858 hp bi-turbo, 3.6 liter, 24 valve flat six
  • All wheel drive
  • Weight reduction (even over previous SPR1 upgrades) across key componenets
  • Driver adjustable traction control system controlled by a touch screen in the center console
  • 0-62 mph in 3.0 seconds
  • 236 mph top speed
  • Various interior and exterior modifications including 20″ forged alloy wheels

This is a nice looking car and one heck of a power monster. Leave it to the Swiss to push the limits of the capabilities of these cars.

[Via GlobalMotors.net]


  1. Wow, what a beast. I too have never experienced driving such a powerful car. Its probably the best experience ever. Driving on the open road with no traffic reaching speeds of over 100 miles an hour.

  2. Even on a track it would be difficult to keep an animal like this under control, would love to try though!