Porsche Boxster Inner Fire Video

We haven’t had a Porsche Boxster video for a while. This one won’t blow your socks off, but it’s a great couple of minutes of a pair of Boxsters in some unbelievable scenery. If we were to base car buying decisions on the inspiration from videos, this week we’d all have a Boxster in the garage. Porsche does such a great job with their promo videos.


  1. Wow you are right it is an awesome promo video for the Boxter’s what I liked best was the different shots of when the cars were on the country roads, especially the ones that also showed the ocean!

    Till then,


  2. I have a Boxster S and I would love to know where Porsche shoots these videos. I would guess somewhere in Europe. Boxsters are a hoot to drive!

  3. Nice..I love the chopper shots

  4. I would easily take a C2S PDK over? a Cayman S PDK. I like the balance and weight distribution of the Cayman and Boxster but? I would still much rather have a 911.I still have appreciation for the Boxster and Cayman.

  5. I want to sell (import) a Porsche Boxster to the Philippines, and it is a right-hand drive. So my question is can i import this car and how much is the shipping cost from the UK??