Porsche Cayenne Tractor

Maybe my dad is right. Maybe the Porsche Cayenne is really just a vehicle for those with too much money to show you how much money they have.

This is darn near as bad as the Porsche pulling the travel trailer. I wonder if someone at Porsche is keeping track of all these uses to help with new product development?


  1. I would have used the old F-150 for this one, but I guess if it gets the job done. I suppose nice leather seats, AC, and navigation so you don’t get lost in the field make it nicer than bouncing around in a John Deere.

  2. Or better yet — he could have used the Porsche Diesel tractor in the first pic here: http://carsinpedia.com/car_day_archive_details.php?id=476

  3. Fail.

  4. Maybe somebody forgot to tell him Porsche stopped building tractors.