Porsche Pickup Truck Concept

It’s always amazing to me some of the concepts people come up with for things they love. How to make something better, different, etc. It’s also crazy what Photoshop skills people posses. This concept car is from designer Nouphone J. Bansasine. He decided a Porsche TranSport Truck is something the Porsche lineup is missing.

Let me ask you, would this make moving more fun? Or more stressful?

Love that picture at the top though where it’s pulling an old 356.

[Source & Images: BitRebels.com]


  1. Pretty crazy pickup. That is a cool pic of the pickup pulling the classic.

  2. I would argue that the Porsche lineup is definitely not “missing” that thing. Why don’t they just go out and buy Hummer and merge the two brands? I hear they can get it at a pretty steep discount right about now.

    This design makes me sick.

  3. If Steven Seagal offered you a new Porsche and a truck full of his Steven Seagal Lightning Bolt energy drink??