Top Art Concept Design Porsche 911

Nick, one of our readers, sent me these pictures today along with some info on the Top Art Concept Design Porsche 911 (Thanks Nick!). From Nick:

Hey check out this unbelievable Porsche! Its going to get a lot of crap for the hood scoop, but i think its awesome.

It is a Top Art Concept Design Porsche 911. All the exterior enhancments were taken from top Porsche tuners from around the world, and revamped to look more aggresive. All of which are made of carbon fiber. Suspenion upgrades and huge carbon brakes are part of what you get along with engine and exhaust modifications.

It has not been said if it will be sold in the US. or not, but for Romanian police forces, this Porsche is sold with an option of a light bar and large “Politia” graphics if they would like one to stalk the freeways and keep people at a legal speed (or slower haha).

I personally love the look of this car. I even like the hood scoop. Reminds me of the Spyker. The only part I’m not in love with is the height of the spoiler on the back. A little tall for my tastes, although it looks much better from behind.


  1. That thing is sweet! I am considering moving to Romania and becoming a cop just so I can drive it every day. Agree w/ you Ryan on the height of the rear wing, but that’s it – everything else is great IMO.

  2. Looks pretty wild, but I like it. I would definitely drive it around town or take it to the track for even more fun.

  3. the picture is displayed in finnish newspaper. as a real car.

    i bet the copyright is infringed.

  4. Looks pretty wicked, but those doors are awful!