My wife came across this picture on a blog recently and it sent my imagination into overtime. I’d never have the guts to do it, and it would be royally stupid to try, but something like this would be a heck of an “experiment” in your Porsche. Makes you wonder what the top speed those things can read out is.

Anyone ever, ummm, “had a friend” who’s tried this?


  1. I know it’s dumb but I like to slow down to let the cars ahead move on and hit the gas to see how high I can get. My best is 75, I wasn’t really sure what the limit was so I’m not sure how much above I was. But I’m sure the local PD would have been frowning.

    P.S. I saw my first Panamera today. It is much better looking in person.

  2. I don’t think I would try anything funny. I would be afraid there was a camera attached to the trailer.

  3. you are really over limit of speed, it is dangerous if not controlled…