Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche GT3 R Hybrid takes 3rd in only it’s second race – This time it was the Nurburgring Long Distance Championship. The drivers Joerg Bergmeister and Wolf Henzler reported the car ran like a dream. Here’s the really cool part…they said they shaved off one pit stop due to the hybrid drivetrain. They saved fuel and had extra power coming out of the corners. Also no mechanical issues in either race so far. LOVE this car. Can’t wait to see how it does in it’s third race next weekend and it’s long term impact on Porsche racing. [Via Wired.com]

Porsche recalling Panameras in both China and Australia – The issue seems to be with the safety belts on the Panamera S, Panamera 4S and Panamera Turbo models. A design defect with the safety belt may cause a failure of the fixation function in extreme cases. 640 cars are being recalled in China and 152 in Australia. Didn’t find any recalls for other countries…yet.

2010 Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia review – MotorAuthority recently review the Cayenne Transsyberia model and I found it pretty interesting. I haven’t read much about it, so it’s cool to see someone going outside the norm a bit. This sets the stage for the review:

Important: We tested the version with lots of orange; so much that we restricted test-drives to night time (photos, too, were shot at night), when the cops were less readily curious. But you can get your Trans in much quieter livery, black with accents of silver or gray with silver accents.

This is a great looking Cayenne (I’m a sucker for the orange) with plenty of power on tap with it’s 405 hp V-8 along with some other crossover niceties. Check out the review. It’s worth the 5 minutes to read it. [Via MotorAuthority.com]

Other positive Porsche Cayenne news:

  • Porsche CEO, Michael Macht recently mentioned that orders for the new Cayenne are
    “clearly exceeding” expectations. The Cayenne and Panamera are viewed as the main factors that will put Porsche sales back on an upward swing. [Via Autoblog.com]
  • Porsche expects 1 out of every 7 Cayennes to be the Cayenne S Hybrid when it goes on sale later this year. That’s a 15% chunk of the model’s volume. Sure that will continue to bolster Cayenne sales overall. [Via LeftLaneNews.com]

New Porsche Cayenne promo trailer – I’m going to leave you with this today. This is a pretty cool trailer for the Porsche Cayenne. I think I’m truly starting to like this model. The styling changes, especially on the Cayenne Turbo really suit the model well.


  1. There are an increasing range of cars into which similar hybrid technology is being fitted, and certainly more will follow, doubtless including ones you don’t consider “ugly”.